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    Saturday, April 12th, 2014
    8:58 am
    A few thoughts on my dad...
    Everyone who reads this already knows that last week my dad passed away. I am going to do my best to not write anything as dark as that last sentence. Just to make things easy, here's the link to his obituary website:

    My brother John has been elected to be the spokesperson for all of us siblings. In fact, here is the cut and paste of the email he sent us:

    Good Morning Family,

    I spoke to mom last night / this morning and I understand all of you would like me
    to be the representative to say a few words about dad at his funeral. I am touched
    and honored to have this opportunity. As I want this eulogy to be from the whole
    family, I was hoping each of you could write a paragraph or two about a fond memory,
    funny story, or a few words on how dad positively impacted your life and who you are
    today. I will then pull all of these memories together, as well as the ones I have
    of dad, and speak to them at the funeral. I will do my best to be strong and not
    breakdown in tears but I know that will be challenging.

    Mom and I also talked about having note cards available for extended family and
    friends at the wake to give everyone the same opportunity to share how dad touched
    their lives. We can collect them and then read them at a later time together as a



    I have a slight problem with this request for a few reasons. Just like my mom these days, when I get an idea going, I don't stop at one or two paragraphs. And then when I really think about my dad, well that is when i write an entire LJ entry about him about the 49 things that he does that pisses me off. That classic entry can be read write here: And i apologize in advance for all the classic spelling and grammar mistakes that were in that some 6+ years ago.

    But they really weren't things that pissed me off about my dad. Dad was a complicated guy, which is a nice way of saying he could be an asshole that yelled out of nowhere. These are actual memories of mild craziness that i will look back and laugh about. Things such as how he had the loudest, most scream inducing yawn; or how he always under cooked grilled chicken; or how he had such horrible taste in movies; or how he would get into actual feuds with squirrels for eating bird seed; Or how he would always quote this line from "My Cousin Vinny" after it had already be said:

    Big picture, my dad for most of my life was my best friend, which just shows i had no social skills at all until i was a sophomore in high school. I would spend a lot of time with him, which makes sense seeing i was the youngest and stayed at home the longest, during the same time frame he had retired. He would drive me out to St. Bernard's (75% of the time i would be tardy) and pick me up later on. During this time, we would talk about different things here or there. Nothing mind shattering, just hows it going, and what looks good playing at the movies. During my time with dad and those extra trips to and from school, i learned a few things about him over many different topics, and I'll start going at them one by one until I'm out. Please enter more in the comments section if you have any that touch similar subjects such as:


    My dad loved playing hockey with us boys, as he was an unofficial coach so he could skate with us during practices.
    Me and him are the only ones that participated in high school football, and we both loved football so much even though we were so terrible at at.
    If he was ever the GM for the Bruins, every great player would have been traded for a USED puck bag. That's right, every retired number in the rafters, like Cam Neely or especially Ray Bourque would have been traded away before they got into the hall of a fame for not even a new puck back, but a USED puck bag.
    He would get me tickets for my birthday to see Red Sox vs. White Sox so i could see my favorite player Frank Thomas. The next game would be the one that Frank Thomas got two home runs.
    Whether the Sox or the Bruins, no matter what our tickets were, we never sat there. We would always improve our seats by sitting somewhere closer to the action until we got kicked out by the real ticket owners and we'd just find other seats that were better than our original seats. At the end of the 1st period or the 3rd inning, we knew we were safe.
    I loved watching hockey games in his bedroom at night when i should have been in my room sleeping, but he'd let me watch.
    He would go out of his way to make sure i did get to see the Red Wings play against the Bruins (so i could root for Fedorov) and he did not mind that i would wear my Wings jersey.


    No matter what, if my dad was cooking on the grill, if would be cooked rare. Not often do you bite into grilled chicken and still the yellow of fat and blue veins still buried in the meat. I think eating all of that under cooked food gave us all a huge immunity to whatever superflu might take us all down.
    Whenever we would go to the chinese buffet, he'd load his plate with the same nasty crap i would, but include one piece of broccoli, because that would offset the rest.
    I did learn how to make what is now referred to as the "Feed Bag" from my dad, my way of making popcorn on the stove top, and combining it in a paper bag with chips and doritos.
    My dad LOVED corn on the cob, and his face would be that of a toddler, juts smeared yellow with butter and little niblets of corn on the side of his mouth.
    He hated people who used ketchup on a hot dog.
    He hated people who used grated Parmesan cheese into their pasta, and the smell would make him throw up.


    He loved a good car chase no matter how dumb the movie was. Last movie me and him saw together was for Father's day when i took him to see the newest "Fast & Furious 6"
    My love of movies comes from the fact that i saw sequels first instead of the original. When you think "Jaws 2" is a good movie, without ever seeing the original "Jaws", you realized you were cheated out on great movies.
    He didn't care if i saw R-rated movies when i was a kid, which i did a lot with things like "Beverly Hills Cop" or "The Blues Brothers".
    He'd eat almost all the popcorn before the trailers were done, then blame my "big mitts" for eating the very last of the popcorn.
    He actually thinks "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" is a comedy.
    We easily saw the same few movies hundreds of times over, such as "Major League", "Rudy", "Jaws", and of course, "My Cousin Vinny".


    Dad loved dogs, especially Tipper.
    Dad loved cats, but he hated going anywhere near the cat box.
    Dad loved birds, and we spend so much time and money and my energy to fill up those damn bird feeders.
    Dad loved to throw rocks at squirrels for eating that bird seed.
    Dad loved to walk other people's dogs, and i loved that too because it would mean less barking at whatever family function we were at.


    It goes without saying, he loved us all.
    He worked his ass off on the second shift just to make a little bit more an hour to pay for a family of us 6 kids.
    He loved Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    We would live in a rather nice house in really nice neighborhoods for all of us and sometimes an Uncle Louie.
    He taught me how to ride a bike.
    He taught others how to drive a stick; not me, i failed miserably.
    When i had surgery done for my tumor, he was the first to donate blood if there was a problem and i needed some.
    I miss making him laugh and giving him bear hugs.


    The man hated anything American; he was very pro-Toyota or Honda.
    He loved road rage, and would go into detail about what "Saw 2" lengths of disturbing violence he would do to someone who just cut him off.
    He would always leave late causing him to drive faster to make up time.
    The man knew the importance of square footage of a car: "If it can't hold a couple of hockey bags, don't get it".
    As the years went by, you'd have to be a really good navigator, or else he would go down the wrong road to someplace you had been a hundred times before.
    He would be relatively quiet at home. The moment he was driving, he would never shut up. He was the world's greatest improviser as long as he was driving a car.

    Last one: I was able to talk to dad earlier in the same day he had his accident. The night before i was looking to get a used car as my Saturn had just died. I got a rental and hated it so much it forced me to go out to several used car lots, look around, test drive a few things, and grab a few business cards. Later that night, with Mike's help, i used to narrow my search for a quality used car in my price range. I call my parents for their opinion and my dad called me back a few minutes later just to say, "Get a Toyota. Can't go wrong, get a Toyota."

    The next morning, i sent out an email to everyone in my family a link showing them cars in my range that are on the website. Overwhelmingly every response back was to just get a Toyota or get a Honda. I redid my search for only Hondas and Toyotas and resent the new results to the family. Later that morning i talked to my parents once again what their thoughts were about the cars listed. We were able to narrow them done, and once again, i did talk to my dad who kept telling me to get a Toyota. That night, we learned about dad going to the hospital and how serious it was. At this point, getting a car meant nothing to me, i just needed something to get me from point A to point B. In the end, i got a used 2000 Saturn Sedan SL1. It was cheap, i was able to buy it flat out with cash, and was able to drive away with it that very same day.

    Somewhere, wherever that might be, there is the spirit of my dad, just super pissed off at me. "A FUCKING SATURN!?!?! I SAID TOYOTA!!! TOYOTA!!! When the hell will you ever listen to me? Did they just get dumber the more kids we had? TOYOTA!!! GODDAMNIT!!! Why the hell did you get the same car that just--A Goddamn Saturn? You gotta be shitting me. I don't even know why they call them Saturns, looks more like Uranus. A fucking Saturn, can you believe this shit? TOYOTA! Or at the very least, a Honda! Fucking kid never learned a damn thing in his entire life." Somehow, the spirit of my dad will haunt my new car. Every time i start the engine, i'll hear the low rumblings of "S-s-s-should have gotten a toyota". His spirit will take over in the radio as i'm listening to a Sox game while driving back home. "Popped foul, making the count 2-2. Lets pause and remind everyone that WEEI's calling of the Red Sox is brought to you by Jordan's Furniture and You Should have gotten a toyota Brian"

    This Sunday is the wake. This Monday will be the funeral. This entry is dedicated to my dad, who will be forever pissed that i didn't say more kinds words about him and will haunt my new shitty car.

    Brian's Big Thought of the Day:

    I only cried once while writing this. Hopefully you laughed a lot more than i cried while reading this.
    Sunday, March 2nd, 2014
    2:13 pm
    My 9th Annual Oscars Picks and Wishes, 2014 edition for the 2013 movies
    Sorry for the long delay between entries, but if you're reading this, you already know I'm lazy. Anyway, It will be this Sunday night that they will televise the Oscars. Once again, i did my job as a movie geek, and saw all 9 (NINE!) Best Picture nominees. Here's how it will go, i'll say an Oscar catergory, who's nominated, how many i saw, then, who i think SHOULD win, and who i think WILL win. This is just for fun, but next Monday (actually, next time I'm ready to write another entry) i can recap and see how good i really am.

    Of the 24 different Oscar catergories, i only deal with the serious 8 catergories (4 acting, 2 writing, best director, best picture). Who cares about best sound mixing, or makeup, best costume, or best documentary--short subject? But i'll also throw in a couple guesses for fun. But i always keep the best picture pick and wish for the very end. So, lets knock this out.

    Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role


    Christian Bale for American Hustle (2013)
    Bruce Dern for Nebraska (2013)
    Leonardo DiCaprio for The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
    Chiwetel Ejiofor for 12 Years a Slave (2013)
    Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

    Saw all 5 movies.

    Should Win--Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club
    Will Win--Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club

    Losing that much weight, being in such a different movie than usual, and he's constantly winning the best actor award at every awards show. This is a big one, and there's a case to be made for everyone on this list. Bale gained weight, DiCaprio was amazing, Dern for a lifetime achievement, and the black guy because "12 Years a Slave" might be the big winner. But McConaughey was so amazing and his character's role went from such highs and lows, and i was enthralled watching every minute. All great performances, but this was the best of the best.

    Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role


    Amy Adams for American Hustle (2013)
    Cate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine (2013)
    Sandra Bullock for Gravity (2013)
    Judi Dench for Philomena (2013)
    Meryl Streep for August: Osage County (2013)

    Saw 4 of the 5, never got around to seeing the chick flick that is August: Osage County.
    Should Win--Amy Adams and her sideboobs for American Hustle
    Will Win--Cate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine

    Nothing wins an Oscar quicker than being an actress in a great script written by Woody Allen. "Blue Jasmine" is considered a rip off of "A Streetcar Named Desire", but that also won Oscars for the actresses. Cases can be made for Sandra Bullock seeing she was 90% of "Gravity", but she has already won. Judi Dench was really good in "Philomena", but my mom could have played that role. Cate Blachett walks the tight line of her ups and downs with reality while struggling with some heavy stuff including mental illness. She was great, and one wrong turn with the performance and it because a poorly done Lifetime movie. It wasn't, that Oscar is all hers.

    Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role


    Barkhad Abdi for Captain Phillips (2013)
    Bradley Cooper for American Hustle (2013)
    Jonah Hill for The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
    Michael Fassbender for 12 Years a Slave (2013)
    Jared Leto for Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

    Saw all 5 movies
    Should Win--Jared Leto for Dallas Buyers Club
    Will Win--Jared Leto for Dallas Buyers Club

    You might have correctly guessed that "Dallas Buyers Club" is my favorite movie of the year. How good was Jared Leto in this movie? I had to wait for the credits at the end to even realize it was Jared Leto. Never have I cared so much for a transgender role in my life that didn't fall on cheap laughs or faked emotion. It was perfectly done. I don't think there is any real competition for Leto; if he doesn't win, that will be the biggest shock of the night.

    Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role


    Sally Hawkins for Blue Jasmine (2013)
    Julia Roberts for August: Osage County (2013)
    Lupita Nyong'o for 12 Years a Slave (2013)
    Jennifer Lawrence for American Hustle (2013)
    June Squibb for Nebraska (2013)

    Saw 4 of the 5, never got around to seeing the chick flick that is August: Osage County.
    Should Win--Jennifer Lawerence for American Hustle
    Will Win--Lupita Nyong'o for 12 Years a Slave

    She played a cotton picking slave that had one of the LONGEST whipping scenes in movie history outside of an adult S&M porno. I'm not sure another person could have handled the weight of that role the way she did, and she seems to be heating up a lot during the awards season. For whatever reason, this award might be the one i get completely wrong, and a strong enough case can be made for anyone.

    Best Achievement in Directing


    Alfonso Cuarón for Gravity (2013)
    Steve McQueen for 12 Years a Slave (2013)
    David O. Russell for American Hustle (2013)
    Martin Scorsese for The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
    Alexander Payne for Nebraska (2013)

    Saw all 5 movies
    Should Win--Martin Scorsese for The Wolf of Wall Street
    Will Win--Alfonso Cuarón for Gravity

    I feel so weird about this one. I love both Scorsese and Cuaron, my only issue is how much "Directing" was done versus how much of everything on camera was due to thousands of guys hunched over their computers putting in a bunch of CGI stuff to make space look correct. Granted, it took Cuaron 7 years before technology was where it needed to be for him to make this movie (and he directed "Children of Men", a total game changer and it shows how great of a director he really is). Scorsese's movie was literally 3 hours long, where as "Gravity" was done in about half that time. That alone should be rewarded these days for modern films.

    Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen


    American Hustle (2013): Eric Warren Singer, David O. Russell
    Blue Jasmine (2013): Woody Allen
    Her (2013): Spike Jonze
    Nebraska (2013): Bob Nelson
    Dallas Buyers Club (2013): Craig Borten, Melisa Wallack

    Saw all 5 movies
    Should Win--Dallas Buyers Club (2013): Craig Borten, Melisa Wallack
    Will Win--Her (2013): Spike Jonze

    How do i break this down, perhaps by process of elimination. "American Hustle" lacks the proper downward spiral of Bradly Cooper's character; no one wants to give Woody Allen an Oscar because he doesn't show up and for the child molestation accusations; Nebraska isn't that good. That just leaves "Dallas Buyers Club", which i really love, and "Her". "Her" is such a high concept, crazy extra level of thought and genius. It's set in the not to distant future, that shows a realistic world of zero flying cars but people falling in love with their smart phones. The logic and thought process that went into this world is all their in the script, and for that reason i believe it is the best screenplay and the reason it will win.

    Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published


    Before Midnight (2013): Richard Linklater
    Captain Phillips (2013): Billy Ray
    12 Years a Slave (2013): John Ridley
    The Wolf of Wall Street (2013): Terence Winter
    Philomena (2013): Steve Coogan, Jeff Pope

    Saw 4 of the 5, never saw "Before Midnight".
    Should Win--The Wolf of Wall Street (2013): Terence Winter
    Will Win--12 Years a Slave (2013): John Ridley

    I think it's a shitty screenplay, but "12 Years" is probably going to be the big winner of the night, and it has to win some of these type of awards to do that. I loved the edge of my seat excitement in "Captain Phillips", but the greatness has a lot to do with Tom Hanks (how did he NOT GET NOMINATED?!?). "Philomena" was very sweet and caught me off guard as to how much i would enjoy it, but holy shit does the Wolf of Wall Street have everything. It has too much of it actually. It's a movie i recommend to some, but know i can't look my mom in the eyes and actually talk about that movie. I love the excess, the talking to the camera, the selling of stocks over the phone, the screenplay had everything. So of course, the Oscar will be given to the movie where it beats you over the head that slavery is wrong white people.

    I have covered 7 of the 8 categories. Here are a few picks i think will win:

    Best Animated Feature Film of the Year

    Best Achievement in Cinematography

    Best Achievement in Costume Design
    "American Hustle" Come on, those are some great clothes.

    Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song
    Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013): Bono, Adam Clayton, The Edge, Larry Mullen Jr., Brian Burton("Ordinary Love") People in the entertainment world go out of their way to give an award to Bono.

    Best Achievement in Visual Effects

    Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling
    "Dallas Buyers Club", but only because the competition is "The Lone Ranger" and "Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa"

    OK, enough bullshitting around, time for the Best Picture Of The Year!!!

    Best Motion Picture of the Year


    American Hustle (2013)
    Captain Phillips (2013)
    Dallas Buyers Club (2013)
    Gravity (2013)
    Her (2013)
    Nebraska (2013)
    Philomena (2013)
    12 Years a Slave (2013)
    The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

    Saw all 9 movies
    Should Win--Dallas Buyers Club
    Will Win--12 Years a Slave

    Normally i will bitch and complain about what a bad year it has been at the movies. I can't this year. All of these movies i respect enough that i would recommend them to anyone. My top three favorites for this year (they all got 4-star reviews from me) were Captain Phillips, Dallas Buyers Club, and The Wolf of Wall Street. However, the critics are much different from me, and for whatever reason, they have decided that the top three movies of the year are actually American Hustle, Gravity, and 12 Years a Slave. I have nothing crazy negative to say about Her, Nebraska, or Philomena, neither should really be up there for Best Picture.

    Some might wonder why I care so much for "Dallas Buyers Club". Well, i knew NOTHING about the movie, i think it had to do with AIDS, that was it. I didn't even know if it was based on a true story or not. Well, the story is real, the people in it acted their asses off, and i loved the whole idea of the actual Dallas buyers club, a crazy loophole of selling drugs to people with AIDS so they can remain alive longer instead of dying while waiting for the FDA to do something. I urge everyone to please see this movie, and it just so great.

    It's a shame we live in a stupid, ultra PC-world where movies about slavery are still needed to make the white guilt of the world hand out Oscars. God I hope i'm wrong and this movie doesn't win. Lots of whipping, saying nigger by a bunch of southern dipshits, and i already knew the ending going in. He probably wasn't going to be a slave by the 13th year. The movie literal took the Canadian angel that is Brad Pitt to tell us slavery is wrong and to help free the main character. Oh, did i ruin this movie for you? Who cares. OVERRATED, yet also most likely to win.

    Well that does it. You can comment on this entry, but the 86th Annual Academy Awards are going to occur in less than 6 hours. Tell me if I'm right or wrong, or if i'm just full of shit. Next time, I'll see how correct i was.

    Brian's Big Thought of the Day:

    I think Ellen Degenerous will be a shitty and unfunny host, but worse is all the musical acts they are showing in the commercials. Way to make the Oscars longer, by having people sing their uncatchy songs.
    Sunday, September 15th, 2013
    11:10 am
    5 New Movies and a cut and paste of our Football Picks.
    22nd movie of 2013: "We're The Millers" ***

    23rd movie of 2013: "Blue Jasmine" ***

    24th movie of 2013: "The Spectacular Now" *** 1/2

    25th movie of 2013: "The World's End" ***

    26th movie of 2013: "In A World..." ***

    I continue to go out and try to watch double or triple features when possible. There are a lot of good movies out there, but it still remains difficult to find those GREAT movies. So in the past week, I went down to Worcester to see a triple feature of the first three movies.

    "We're The Millers" is just a funny R-rated comedy about a low level drug dealer (Jason Sudekis) who after getting robbed and unable to pay his drug supplier, agrees to be a drug smuggler. He will higher group a strangers to pose as his family (stripper mom played by Jennifer Aniston, nerdy weakling as his son, a scary goth/emo homeless girl as his daughter), get an RV, fill it with a "smidge" of marijuana and drive it to and from Mexico back to his drug supplier. He does this, he gets a lot of money.

    On the way, we do meet Nick Offerman who is in an RV with his family taking a vacation, and he happens to work for the DEA. We also learn the drug supplier is a liar and basically the drugs smuggled are from a Pablo Escobar type drug kingpin who wants his drugs back and to kill everyone. Wacky adventures with some funny scenes throughout made this a funny enough 3-star movies. Stay for the bloopers as the credits begins.

    "Blue Jasmine" is Woody Allen's newest movie, and everyone believes it will win Cate Blanchett an Oscar. She plays Jasmine, who was once married to Alec Baldwin's character who was a Bernie Madoff like billionaire. She hosted rich people parties and did whatever. Then he got busted, she lost all of her money, and now has to live with her sister in San Francisco who she helped screw over when she won the lottery and invested her winnings to Baldwin. It's a good movie as it goes back and forth between present time San Francisco in the past of the rich world of New York City. I liked it a lot, except that I fucking hated the main character Jasmine. I think this is a common problem in story telling of today. Your main character doesn't have to be a hero, but you should want to see them do something to keep you interested, or to change for the better, or deserve to change for the worse if they are evil. I loved everyone else in the movie (especially the small roles played by Andrew Dice Clay and Louis C.K.) but not Jasmine. Is she a drunk, is she bipolar, is she just constantly full of shit? Maybe yes to all, but do I care about her story? No. Maybe it's a good ending for me as a viewer when the movie ends for her, but it just didn't reach a high enough level of entertainment for me. Most people compare this to "A Streetcar Named Desire", but that movie had all 4 lead roles nominated for Oscars, and 3 of them won. I doubt that would happened here.

    "The Spectacular Now" is a really good, coming of age story about a high school senior who is the life of the party, but he really is just very friendly, wishes he dad was still in the picture, drinks way too much, and lost his girlfriend. His big theory in life is to live for now, which is fine for an alcoholic when constantly living in a state of being buzzed. But what kind of long term goal is that if you're too drunk to fill out a college acceptance questionnaire?

    One morning, he crashes his car and wakes up on a lawn and meets Amy, a smart girl in school he has never talked to. They start to date. At first, he just needs another female to accompany him to parties and hopes to talk to his ex. But he starts liking the plain Jane nature of the new girl. She also lives with just a single parent, but instead of socializing and constantly drinking, she works hard and studies a lot. Her goal is to go to a school in Philadelphia and live with her sister there, just to get away from her mom.

    The young couple do normal teenager type things, like drink and have fun, experiment with sex, and also share deep thoughts and secrets. They agree that if she will stand up to her mom about college, he will stand up to his own mom to get the phone number of his dad and be able to talk and maybe see him. That third act really kicks the movie into action when he gets his dads number and takes the long drive out to see him with his girlfriend with him. Similar to the main character in "Blue Jasmine", I was not a fan of the main character, and was pissed that all his drinking doesn't show a negative influence on him, but instead brings down the lovely girl and all of her potential. I still highly enjoyed this movie, and currently it's my 2nd favorite movie of the year.

    "The World's End" is from the same group of guys that made "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz". In this story, another loser, played by Simon Pegg called Gary King (once again, why is this so common place in all the movies I get to see) realizes the best day of his life was when he graduated high school and his 4 boys went on "The Golden Mile", a 12-stop pub run in a shitty town in England. He is telling this story in what's most likely an A.A. support group. Back then, he was the "king" of his group of friends, but that was 23 years ago. Now, he's 40, and still hasn't group up at all since 1990. All of his friends have, including not talking to him in a long time.

    Gary goes around to find all 4 of his friends, to convince them to meet him in their old hometown to finish "The Golden Mile" as only half made it, with their last stop being pub #10. Gary wants to relive his best day ever and also finish something that meant anything to him.

    We hear backstories of some of the guys. There was an accident that makes one of them not drink alcohol anymore. One had a birthmark that the guys always teased him for having. Another had a sister that the others wanted sexually. Another guy wants revenge on an old bully.

    And then during the pub run, we learn all the people of the town have been replaced with blue-blooded robots. Fun and enjoyable for those into the "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz" guys types of movies.

    "In A World" I saw yesterday. It's about voice over actors who want to be the voice over person for the next big budget movie that will literally being with the phrase "In A World..." which hasn't been used since Don La Fontaine, the actual voice over actor who said that line, died a few years ago. Very good movie dealing with father-daughter relationships, struggles of marriage, and struggles of new relationships. I liked this movie a lot, but really thought there would be more. I was shocked with all the amazing reviews that there wasn't actually a scene that really shocked me. It was a solid and good movie, I recommend it, but with everyone making it one of the best movies of the year, I'm just a bit mad I didn't see it as good as others claim it is.

    And for those who have any interest in mine thoughts, or my brothers Paul and John thoughts on picking NFL football games, here is what we picked for this week:

    Brian's Picks:

    > 9/15 1:00 ET At Philadelphia -7.5 San Diego 54.5
    > POTW Philly
    > 9/15 1:00 ET At Baltimore -6.5 Cleveland 43.5
    > Baltimore
    > 9/15 4:25 ET At Oakland -6 Jacksonville 39.5
    > Oakland

    Paul's Picks:

    9/15 1:00 ET At Kansas City -2.5 Dallas 46.5
    Dallas POTW

    9/15 4:25 ET Denver -4.5 At NY Giants 55

    9/15 4:05 ET New Orleans -3 At Tampa Bay 47
    New Orleans

    John's Picks:

    9/15 1:00 ET At Green Bay -7.5 Washington 49.5
    Green Bay POW

    9/15 1:00 ET At Atlanta -6.5 St. Louis 47

    9/15 4:05 ET New Orleans -3 At Tampa Bay 47
    New Orleans

    Current Score After Week 1:

    >> John -- 2 points
    >> Paul -- 1 point
    >> Brian - 1 point


    >> NFL Lines For Week 2 - NFL Football Line Week Two
    >> NFL Line 9/12 - 9/16, 2013
    >> Date & Time Favorite Line Underdog Total
    >> 9/12 8:25 ET At New England -12 NY Jets 44
    >> 9/15 1:00 ET At Philadelphia -7.5 San Diego 54.5
    >> 9/15 1:00 ET At Baltimore -6.5 Cleveland 43.5
    >> 9/15 1:00 ET At Houston -9 Tennessee 43
    >> 9/15 1:00 ET At Indianapolis -3 Miami 42.5
    >> 9/15 1:00 ET Carolina -3 At Buffalo 44
    >> 9/15 1:00 ET At Atlanta -6.5 St. Louis 47
    >> 9/15 1:00 ET At Green Bay -7.5 Washington 49.5
    >> 9/15 1:00 ET At Kansas City -2.5 Dallas 46.5
    >> 9/15 1:00 ET At Chicago -6 Minnesota 41.5
    >> 9/15 4:05 ET New Orleans -3 At Tampa Bay 47
    >> 9/15 4:05 ET Detroit -1.5 At Arizona 47.5
    >> 9/15 4:25 ET At Oakland -6 Jacksonville 39.5
    >> 9/15 4:25 ET Denver -4.5 At NY Giants 55
    >> 9/15 8:30 ET At Seattle -3 San Francisco 44.5
    >> Monday Night Football Line
    >> 9/16 8:40 ET At Cincinnati -7 Pittsburgh 40.5

    Brian's Big Thought of the Week:

    In all the things Bill Murray does in the movie "Groundhog Day", how come he never stopped the waiter from dropping the dishes at the diner?
    Sunday, August 18th, 2013
    8:10 am
    Happy 50th Anniversary to my Parents, 4 new movies, trip to Foxwoods, 2013 Football picks
    For 50 years, my parents have been married. Truth be told, the big golden moment (or is it diamond, I never remember those weird names for anniversaries) happened yesterday. But in true Andrews fashion, we're celebrating the big day on a different date when it's more convenient for everyone. We will all be at the Chopsticks restaurant for a big meal at 1:30pm today, and later additional food and drink at me and Mike's house on what is sure to be a beautiful summer day.

    On the pure simple and logical side of the universe, I only exist because of my parents. And because they are both Catholic, and in order to conceive me or my other siblings, a marriage had to happen first. With out a doubt, there are ups and downs for this past 50 years. But look at what those fifty years have created: six children, five grandchildren, numerous "grand pups" that will be not be invited to attend on today's events; a big home in Townsend, a winter condo in Florida, and millions of happy memories, moments, and guidance.

    I was a bit drunk and called my mom yesterday and told her how happy I was for her anniversary, and before you know it, she's telling me about how her doctor is so impressed with her uterus. She also informed me about how John is not actually the favorite kid because he got upgraded to "Miracle". And, as she always does, kept talking and talking a good 5-10 minutes longer than normal, but I was happily there to listen. She's a saint, I love her to death, she's the world's greatest mother of all time, and we should be so lucky to be with somehow for 50 years in any format, especially for marriage. And dad's dad.

    Happy 50 years Mom & Dad, and here's to another 50, which would mean you're most likely zombies, back from the dead due to whatever horrific plague that AMC's "The Walking Dead" has warned us about. You will scare new generations of horrified people as you do your best to kill and eat them for your zombie nourishment. This time frame would probably occur when China has already taken over the United States, so really, who cares.


    Movies I saw since last time:

    18th movie of 2013, "Fruitvale Station", *** 1/2

    19th movie of 2013, "20 Feet From Stardom", ** 1/2

    20th movie of 2013, "The Way Way Back" *** 1/2

    21st movie of 2013, "The To Do List" ***

    Really loved "The Way Way Back", about a bored teenager who is spending a summer with his mom and her new boyfriend in a small New England town that has a water park that he secretly works at. It's a really enjoyable coming of age story that I could really relate to.

    "Fruitvale Station" is the based on true story of the last day of Oscar Grant, a young black man that was killed by a white officer on New Year's Eve. It is said and tragic, very similar to the tale of Treyvon Martin, but the director makes a crucial and big mistake. The movie begins with hand held camera footage of what really happen that last night at Fruitvale Station, and instead of cutting short, you hear the actual gunshot. That is how the movie opens, so you know how it ends. What a stupid mistake they did in allowing that. If I make a movie about the 1980 US Men's Hockey Team, I don't begin with them already winning gold medals or them cheering after beating the Russian team. A better way would have been to use the footage, but cut out after the cops said to lay down and the kid got up and there was more yelling; foreshadow that there is more to come when we get to this part of the movie. That opening lost this movie a half a star and it could have been great. It's also most likely the movie that Hollywood gets behind (black story and evil white person story, lets give it some awards) come Oscar season.

    "20 Feet From Stardom" is about the black backup singers who perform in so many famous songs, and work for so many famous bands (U2, Rolling Stones, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, and on and on) but they themselves never got to that next level. I was hoping to hear more stories about almost being famous and then getting fucked over. But the truth is when you're singing the "la-la-la" part for a Ray Charles or Tina Turner or whoever, It's Ray or Tina that have the extra talent, and they just have a really great voice. Hell of a soundtrack though, but too many stories about a young, black singer, sang in the church choir, who is now 70 years old, overweight, can't perform on stage, but still has that amazing voice in the studio. Too repetitious.

    "The To Do List" I liked because I am a big Aubrey Plaza fan. I myself know it's probably a 2-star movie, but it's really watchable, and because I like Aubrey Plaza, and she's in almost every scene, I enjoyed it. It's the story, set in the early 90s, of the high school valedictorian who is a virgin and decides the summer before going to college to do every sexual thing she can think of before losing her virginity to the hot jock she works with at the pool. There are several laugh out loud scenes, and SNL's Bill Hader nails every bit that he is in.


    For a birthday gift to myself, I got myself a suite at Foxwoods a few weeks ago. I brought Justi and her friend Chris. They got to stay at my suite as long as they provided the alcohol. I had such a blast. We drank a shitload. The Suite at Foxwoods has a nice bar, with a mini fridge of non-alcoholic drinks, like water, Pepsi, Sierra Mist. But you bring your own supplies and have yourself some fun. We did. I brought some ginger ale because that mixes with anything. Unknown to me, Justi brought vodka, cranberry juice, and limes, so I made Brian Specials. So fucking good. We ordered room service, I watched a classic Simpsons episode as the Connecticut Fox affiliate airs those, gambled a bit, won $80 in profit, saw the stand up of Lenny Clark, Bobby Slayton, and the X-rated ventriloquist act of Otto & George all for a $15 ticket. Those guys are literally all headliners everywhere, and the 3 performed together for fifteen bucks? What a bargain.

    My suite, which I get at a very reduced rate, set me back $90.85 with taxes and fees included. Normally that suite costs $550 on a regular Wednesday night, and I was getting it for $90.85. Seeing I won on a slot machine, it was like all I paid was ten bucks for the suite, and I was prepared to pay for my room service and comedy show ticket.

    It was fun hanging out and talking with Justi and her friend Chris. They enjoyed wearing the Foxwoods robes, and hanging out on the balcony to smoke. They left me alone in the room so I could continue to drink and watch the beginning of the Red Sox game while they went to the 9th floor to find the pool. At 8 I went to watch the comics, and around 11:45pm I was back in my room, and Justi and Chris weren't there. No biggie, it was time for me to enjoy watching the Red Sox in 2 on NESN at midnight while I drank some more in my Jacuzzi. I turned the TV, got the bubbles going, and I learned that the Sox game was still going on, and it was the 13th inning. I enjoyed my Jacuzzi until the Sox finally had a walk-off win in the bottom of the 15th inning. As the Sox were winning, I could hear people coming into the room. I dried off and went to visit (the Jacuzzi is in my master bedroom, which I had the door locked off from the big living room with the bar) and say hi to the people that came into the suite.

    I was expecting just Justi and Chris, and they were there, but another person, some gay guy whose name I never got, was also there, behind the bar, making himself a drink. I asked Justi who this person was, and he said, in a very lipsy way, "I'm sorry, I'm leaving". Justi said it was a friend of theirs, and I was like, "From school, from New Hampshire? Did you invite him and he just arrived really late?" But I really didn't get an answer. I told them I drank enough and was calling it a night, and I was happy all of my shit was in my master bedroom, said goodnight, and locked the door behind me, keeping the unknown stranger away from me.

    The next morning, I learned it was a total fucking stranger they meet while walking along the casino floor yesterday, and they just invited him to our room. I don't know if this guy was there to steal shit, or just have fun on someone else's account. I did not like the fact that a stranger was in our room. It was made worse later that next day when Justi realized her wallet was missing. Turns out she left it somewhere on the casino floor and it was turned into Lost and Found. The stranger didn't steal it, and Justi did lose any money had she didn't have any to bring in the first place.

    Still, a good time. I get to go back to Foxwoods this upcoming Friday night where Me, Mike and his new girl Christie will stay at the suite at the MGM and we'll enjoy the stand up of comedian Bill Burr. I also hope to get my drink on, and continue to do low stakes gambling. Two weeks later, I'll go back to Foxwoods, this time to watch the one-man show of Nick Offerman, AKA Ron Swanson from "Parks and Rec". The ticket to this show was the birthday gift my mom got me.


    Just finished reading the book, "Here's the Kicker", a book of interviews with 21 different comedy writers of different genres. Guys who wrote for Bob Hope, The Marx Brothers, Woody Allen, Sid Caeser, Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons, Mad Magazine, The New Yorker, The Daily Show, The Onion, and all the other different movies and TV shows in between. Very good. Now I've just started reading the book by Daryl Hammond who did all the impressions on SNL and has been on the show as a performer the longest. .

    Football is slowing starting as we're halfway through the preseason. Patriots look good (as always) although Tom Brady isn't throwing to anyone he's seen before (Welker trader, Gronk is injured, Hernandez is a murderer) but in two games, he's only made 2 incompletions. Tebow went 1-7 passing in his first preseason game. So, as long as Brady is healthy, and Tebow is not passing, Patriots will most likely get their 10+ wins and advance to the playoffs.

    I just sent out my Rules and Guidelines for Me, Paul and John's football picks. If you want to read them, here they are:

    We're less than a month away from a brand new 2013 NFL season, and I
    thought I should email you both and lay down the official ground
    rules(Almost all the same from last year).

    (1) On Tuesday, I'll email everyone the official NFL lines. I use the
    website as this will be the official site we
    use for the spreads.

    (2) With this site, you have until Thursday 7:30pm (But we can change this
    time to Wednesday night if it works better for our schedules) to think
    over what teams you think can beat the spread. If you correctly pick a
    team that covers the spread, you win one point.

    Example: Jets are -7 against the Dolphins.
    If you pick the Jets they must win by 8 points or more over the Dolphins
    to cover and you get a point. If the final score is Jets 28, Dolphins 21,
    well that is a push, and A PUSH IS NOT A WIN. (If you picked the Dolphins
    at +7 for this game, it would also be a push) Several times last year, we
    went 2-0-1 on our weekly picks.

    (3) One of your picks must be declared your PICK OF THE WEEK. If your
    PICK OF THE WEEK (or POTW from now on) properly covers the spread, you are
    awarded two points. If your POTW does not cover, you are not penalized,
    but we will mock you a bit for thinking the Rams would beat the 49ers by
    more than 10 on the road if that was your POTW.

    (4) At the end of the 2013 NFL Regular Season, the person with the most
    points wins. His reward, $50 from both losers. (Congrats to Me, the 2010
    and 2012 Winner, and Paul, the 2011 Winner)

    (5) We can have additional betting for the playoffs, but our weekly picks
    ends on the last week of the regular season.

    (6) You must pick 3 games, but because we all root for the Patriots, we
    will not pick for OR against any New England Patriots game.

    (7) If someone is lucky enough to correctly go 3 for 3 with his picks,
    besides scoring 4 points (2 regular points and the POTW is an extra 2) he
    also receives $25 each from the losers of that week. Keep in mind, it
    always takes a few weeks before teams play normal and our systems begin to

    (8) The NFL week goes from Thursday Night Football until the Monday Night
    Football game.

    (9) On Thursday, just before we submit our picks through our emails, we
    will have a 3-way phone call (Mild highlight of my week is this conference
    call to talk and hear what is new with everyone) to make sure everyone is
    ready to submit the picks. Ideally, we like to submit before 8:00pm on
    Thursday. (For Thanksgiving week, we will have to submit before
    Wednesday night, 8:00pm.) When we're on the phone and we all agree that
    our picks are ready, we will submit our emails at the same time showing
    our picks. This is to show that no ones picks influenced our own. And
    then we will probably spend another minute asking where did you get the
    balls to think the Bills will beat the Ravens. Remember to highlight one
    of your picks as the POTW.

    (10) As the weeks go on, I'll have a running tally of how many points
    people have won. I will sometimes report on Sunday if someone goes 3 for
    3, at the very least, all scores will be mentioned before I email the
    newest lines on Tuesday afternoon. (Current vacation issues: Paul is in
    Hawaii during mid-September, I'll be in Bermuda for mid-October. We still
    just have to send in the picks in advance somehow and have another person
    record the points scored for that week)

    (11) Remember to have fun, and root against your brothers so you can win a
    little extra cash. I will highly recommend watching the NFL RedZone for
    your next Sunday afternoons until January.

    There you go, the rules and guidelines for this 2013 NFL Season. Use
    whatever method of picking games you want. You'll learn no system works
    more than one week. If there are any questions or comments, by all means
    call me back or email the group. Tuesday before the first game of the NFL
    season begins, I'll email the first lines.


    Brian's Big Thought of the Day:

    I think "Orange is the New Black" is a lot like the female version of "Oz". Of course, instead of seeing casual dick and ass I'm seeing casual vag, tits and ass.
    Sunday, July 28th, 2013
    10:45 am
    I turned 32, and some movies I saw in the past month
    Let's get the movies out of the way first.

    14th movie of 2013, "Monsters University" *** 1/2

    15th movie of 2013, "The Heat" ***

    16th movie of 2013, "Man of Steel" * 1/2

    17th movie of 2013, "Despicable Me 2" ** 1/2

    I really enjoyed "Monsters University", a prequel to the Pixar movie "Monsters Inc." The movie takes place during the freshman college year of about Sully and Mike as they are going through the scare program at Monsters University. Sully is naturally scary, but doesn't know anything about the technical side of things. Mike, a small, green eyeball of a monster, knows every little different roar, setting, mood, age, gender, fear, and so on to make every scare the best it can be. But is he really scary?

    The movie sets up a great premise, and before you know it, you realize this movie is the children's version of "Revenge of the Nerds" third act at the Greek Games, with the Monsters University Scare Games. I will not say this movie is better than the amazing originality that existed in the first "Monsters Inc." but I still highly enjoyed everything I watched. It was a great time at the movies, and maybe it only lost half a star for being a little bit short on jokes (half the gags in the commercials never made it to the movie. Like when Mike is unknowingly turned into a disco ball. That's only in the commercial, never in the movie, and I stayed through the credits for the last gag.) Or maybe it lost the half a star because the theater I saw it in had about 30 people, mostly children, and they were kinda noisy. I always prefer when I'm the only person at the movie theater. Still, good stuff, fun for all ages, watch it.

    "The Heat", lots of swears, good action, good comedy, everything is overall good.

    "Despicable Me 2", not enough comedy as in the first, not enough of an action story line than the first, I really think they could have done a better overall job with the script. Make Gru a better good guy, or show him more willing to date as a single guy. The small twist was already answered by a 5-year old at the theater, so they weren't pulling any Scooby-Doo magic anywhere. The movie was just OK. I really expected more. You don't need to see it at the movies, save your money and watch it when it comes on basic cable around Christmas time.


    Last movie is the new Superman movie, "Man of Steel". And boy, did this movie suck. This will go as one of the worst movies I saw for the year. Granted, in the year 2013, I gave zero stars to "Les Mis" but that was a 2012 release. And yeah, I gave the movie "42" about Jackie Robinson 1 star, and this Superman movie I'm giving a half a star more. Here's the deal; on a purely technical level, they do some amazing shit in this movie. Although I didn't care for it, they did show Krypton the planet as a strange and mystical planet, instead of just a simple set where Zod and others are sentenced and baby Superman is sent away. That stuff was impressive. I also like the puberty flashbacks of Clark Kent as he is freaking out going through his powers at once. Being able to hear everyone and everything, x-ray vision of everyone in your class room, unbelievable strength that hasn't been harnessed yet. For those aspects of the movie, I'm give the makers a good job.

    Now, for all the shit that I fucking HATED about this movie. The 300 or so solar flair shots in the movie that just became annoying and make have given me a seizure if there were more. The overall lack of fun of being Superman. He can do whatever he wants, so he's on a crab boat getting shit on like a regular green horn from "Deadliest Catch"? That's not fun. The pure stupidity of Pa Kent's death. Or, the horrible ethics of Pa Kent, who more or less says to Clark, "Yeah, maybe next time, let an entire bus of children die." How about the fact that Clark Kent doesn't work at the daily planet, and instead only gets the job at the end of the movie. That means, EVERYONE fucking knows that Superman is Clark Kent, right?

    Lets see... No Jimmy Olsen. No Lex Luthor. That amazing John Williams score that can make Superman fly, also does not exist. In this movie, Superman isn't even a nice guy. He's like an asshole teenager whose favorite word is "whatever". He's such a fucking dick. Classic Christopher Reeves Superman went out of his way to save the lives of the innocent. In this movie, the entire downtown of Smallville is fucking destroyed, with no regard to property damage or even innocent bystanders who might be in those buildings when Superman and Zod go crashing through all of them. I actually thought that was what the internet was talking about when they said Superman destroyed an entire city. Nope. It's about 5 minutes later, when Superman and Zod do the same shit again except in Metropolis. Fuck 9/11, there are about 30 buildings that collapsed in this fight scene. You know how many janitors working the 29th floor never came home that day because of Superman? A lot. Superman just doesn't care. He should stand up for Truth, Justice, and the American way. Not for nonchalantly causing a few trillion dollars worth of damages, and on the moderate side, killing 50,000 innocent bystanders. In the last scene of the movie, Superman destroys a $15 or $50 million dollar plane, by throwing it on a road and almost killing a US General, who freaks out and mentions how expensive that plane was. Well, what about the fucking pothole that Superman just caused. How is it he can't see beyond his actions at all?

    Finally, there is the Lois Lane bullshit. She can just be wherever the script needs her to be. She can be walking outside in the artic, and not freeze to death. She can somehow be in both Metropolis and Smallville in a matter of minutes. She somehow gets access to wear Air Force uniform, but also to be on a top secret plane carrying a nuclear bomb. This is not great journalism, this is a fucking mistake from higher ups who should have told her no, she can't come along.

    This movie sucked, and no one should waste their time seeing it.

    In other news...

    Mike and his girlfriend Christie are not here. They are in Texas for this week. In the past week, Christie has moved in and is now a new housemate, along with her dog Knox. Yeah...

    We have officially setup the cruise to Bermuda. We are leaving the port of Boston on Friday October 18th. Mike and Christie have their cabin, next to me and Jay, the guy who used to live here, in the other cabin. Which reminds me, I need to call Jay up and get all of his information set on the online part of the cruise. The boat needs addresses, next of kin, emergency contacts, passport numbers, stuff like that.

    I turned 32 a few days ago. I mostly celebrated last week when Paul and Christie, and my parents took me to that Brazilian all you can eat place called Gauchos in Manchester. I loved the food, hated the conversation.

    After that, stayed the weekend with Paul and Christie which included drinking, night time volleyball, setting up their Netflix on their PS3, going to breakfast the next morning, a shit ton of drinking and being in the pool, me crashing hard from about 6pm-10pm, and me watching more on their Netflix through their PS3 as I could not figure out how to work Paul's impossible "Jetsons" like remote control for the regular TV and cable. I did have a blast.

    On my actual birthday, Mike and Melissa said happy birthday to me. Marley, my pain in the ass niece, went out of her way of telling me that a dog, or a stuff animal, was actually their birthday. I did not eat any cake, I did not unwrapped anything. A couple of days later, my mom get my a pretty sweet gift, a ticket to Nick Offerman (better known as Ron Swanson on "Parks & Recreation) one man show at Foxwoods in September. With that ticket purchased, I got myself a suite at Foxwoods for myself.

    In fact, that's my new thing. I'm almost certain the last time I went to Foxwoods was with Emmy and his girl Pauline. Haven't seen stand up or gambled since then. But now, here is my future. This coming Wednesday, I'm going to Foxwoods and staying overnight. I even got the next day off from work. I rented myself a suite as my own little birthday present to myself. If you can read this, you can come over and enjoy. My plans are to leave work early this Wednesday, buy some vodka, and go to my suite. So far, Justi and her friend may or may not be coming along. Then I'll enjoy my Jacuzzi, go to see Lenny Clark do stand up, maybe gamble for a bit, and enjoy my suite again. The next morning, I will still have to check out by 11am, but that's better than leaving at 4am and driving back to work. When I check out, I can either leave and go home, or check out but still stay and play some poker. Who knows.

    A month from now, I got myself another suite, this time at the MGM, for Me, Mike and Christie. We will see Bill Burr do stand up at the MGM. I already called the box office, and there are plenty of tickets left. I'm hoping that by mid-August, there are still so many tickets left that they need to give them for free or at least go half price on them. That's when me and Mike will buy our tickets.

    Yesterday I got really lazy and just napped and slept around the house. I only left the house to read by the pool for about 50 pages or so. Today I'm going to Worcester and try to see a triple feature of movies that I've been wanting to see that are now out.

    Brian's Big Thought of the Day:

    I think getting older is just getting used to no one giving a shit that you got older.
    Saturday, June 29th, 2013
    7:05 am
    Been over a month, Update time
    10th movie of 2013, "Mud" ***

    11th movie of 2013, "The Hangover Part III" ***

    12th movie of 2013, "Fast & Furious 6" **

    13th movie of 2013, "This is the End" ****

    I'm not going to write a lot about these movies. Mud was a very independent movie that quickly came and went when it hit my local theater. "Hangover 3" was more of a heist movie than a straight up comedy. For the 3 scenes made for laughs, including a giraffe, I laughed my ass off. But it was mostly break into this, get this thing, do it quietly without getting caught, don't die or your friend will die type scenarios. The movies previews were slightly misleading that way, but I still enjoyed it.

    "Fast 6" was a Father's Day gift to my dad as I heard numerous podcast talk about that movie and I realized it wouldn't be a horrible time at the box office. In fact, every scene with a car driving is goddamn amazing, true 4-star worthy material. How else will I ever see a tank drive down the wrong side of a highway during daytime, blowing up bridges and running over anything in its way? Only if I set up some cheat codes on Grand Theft Auto 3. But I got that in this movie, plus so much more. Of course, when cars are not be driving, it's some of the most headache inducing dialogue ever written for the big screen. It also gets tiring around the 6th time someone is allowed to be launched from a moving vehicle and land without getting hurt on another movie vehicle. The best part of this movie is when it's all over, breaking the movie's balls by wondering which scene is a more bullshit. Is it a runway that is roughly 50 miles long? Is it a jail that anyone can just break into or out of, including solitary confinement? Is it an ATM rigged to spit out money for poor people? Maybe a 3,000-ton 747 plane that all of a sudden can't handle the weight of a couple of cars? My own personal favorite was when a man launched himself from his moving vehicle, and jumped and caught someone else being tossed from their moving vehicle, and having another car "break" their fall. They don't even limp away or have cuts or scratches. Hell, I think the guys shirt is now tucked in after this jumping catch. A fun movie to watch all reason and logic die a quick and horrible death. But my dad loved it and so it was a perfect Father's Day gift.

    "This is the End" is about real actors, playing themselves, at a party when all of a sudden, the apocalypse happens. The good are sent to heaven, the bad are sent to hell, and those left, are left to eventually die and go to where they end up. I FUCKING LOVED THIS MOVIE!!! I have not had so much fun at a comedy since I saw "Borat" in a full theater. I won't spoil anything about this movie, except that with all the actors playing themselves, but just sometimes asshole versions of themselves (Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, James Franco, and many others including fun cameos), there was plenty of fun things to watch. It will never happen, but Michael Cera, for what he does in that small amount of screen time should get him a Best Supporting Actor nomination. The script itself should win. Once again, I won't spoil it, but the smile that was on my face just grew larger and larger. Such a fun time.

    Brought Justi to her first Red Sox game ever. This happen a week and a half ago on Wednesday, you know, during that amazing Bruins game 4. Sox ended up losing. They did not have the Ted Williams souvenir soda that I wanted, our seats sucked big time (but they were free from winning trivia night at the 99). But the weather was perfect. I did have a good time. Me and Justi actually bought some vodka before we got to Alewife, and drank on the train to have a nice buzz going for the game. We both had some Fenway Franks, and I had some peanuts, but no Cracker Jacks. At one point, the Sox starter pitched well, but had a high pitch count. We he got taken out, a tight 2-2 game quickly became 6-2, and we left after the 7th inning stretch. We left at the perfect time because the final score was 6-2. I was hoping to get home in time and maybe see the last of the Bruins game, or maybe even OT. Well, the game did go into OT, but the lost it when I was about 2 minutes from arriving back home. That marked the end for the Bruins as they would lose the series 4 games to 2, and not win the Cup this year. But hey, we'll always have 2011.

    I've been reading a lot lately. I always have a bathroom book going, but I have had an Amazon gift card just lying around since Christmas, decided to put it to use. Got me some books about comedy writers, and that Stephen King book, "11/22/63". I love this book. I'm about 300 pages into it, which still means I got about 600 pages more to go. When I got this book from Amazon, nowhere in the online description did it say no book cover. I was so made when I got the book, missing it's book cover dust jacket that I gave the guy a shitty review and told him what happened. He quickly wrote back and begged me to please change my review, and he was willing to replace everything. I took down my review, the guy refunded my money, and then sent me a new book of "11/22/63" with book cover. That is the one i'm now reading. The other one I gave to my mom and she is about 100 pages into it or so. Really great book, and here's the quick synopsis: A high school English teacher, while teaching some GED classes on the side, reads an entry from the school's janitor. It's about how his father killed his entire family and bashed the janitor on the head with a hammer on Halloween night back in 1958. Then we learn of Al, the guy who runs the diner that is friends of the teacher because he's one of his regular customers. Al looks like he has aged horribly and is dying, although last time the teacher saw him he was fine. Al informs him of a time portal in the back of the diner. You go through it, and you are in Maine, September 1958. You can stay in there for as long or as little as you want. When you come back through the portal, only 2 minutes have changed back in present day time of 2011. Al has been trying to cause a positive butterfly effect, which is to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy, who was killed on 11/22/63. Al made it almost 4 years before the lung cancer got to him and he was too sick to finish the job. If you change history for the better or worse, it all gets reset when you enter the portal again. The teacher tries the portal out for himself, and really does enter 1958. His mission is to try to save the janitor from what happened to him, and if that really does cause a positive butterfly effect in the future, redo it again, save the janitor, and also stop the assassination of JFK, which could mean no Nixon for president, no Vietnam war, civil rights passing with no riots, no further assassinations of Bobby Kennedy or MLK Jr.

    Very enjoyable, totally in love with this book. I haven't read Stephen King fiction since back in high school, which was over a decade ago. You sometimes forget how great of a writer he is because he's so popular. The way he simply wrote about having a root beer float from 1958 was something so amazing. Highly recommend this book, and I haven't even finished it.

    Other things... Since the last time I wrote, I did meet with Emmy and his girl, Pauline. We spent the weekend at Foxwoods. During our time, the Bruins clinched the series with the New York Rangers I think, because we watched that entire game 5 at the hotel. We visited Mystic Connecticut to had a slice from Mystic Pizza (never would have done that). We stay at a hotel suite in the MGM, then learned as we were checking out to never get the corner suites at the MGM, they're too small. The other ones are bigger. Thanks for the info now. We checked out Lizzie Borden's house where she killed her father and stepmom. We took the tour. (never would have done that). We drove up to Boston to check out Quincy Market on a perfect afternoon day. Weather was so nice, and we did some very mild shopping, but the best thing we bought was popcorn. We almost ate some New England seafood at a restaurant some cops recommended to us, but while looking over the menu, 20 people entered, and now there was going to be a hell of a line. I offered the idea of going back towards my place, and doing the Monday Night Trivia at the 99. We did. We couldn't get seats at the bar, so we had our own little section in the corner. They had stuff clams, I had my mango iced tea, and together, we kicked ass and won trivia. Of course, we were going to win. One of the categories was about SNL stars and movies they were in. I told them if we didn't go perfect in that category, dinner was on me. I went a perfect 10 for 10. After the 99, we were partial witnesses to a stolen credit card, and then went on a hunt to find pretzels, made by Utz, that were chocolate made by Butterfinger. I still think they don't exist seeing we went to a Walmart, a Hannaford, a CVS, an even doesn't have it. I had a great time with my best friend and his girl, and i'm really happy for both of them.

    Pool is finally open, and when the weather is nice, I swim. The past few days it's been raining. I really like to set up my pathetic MP3 player out there, and either listen to a Sox game on the radio, or just float in the pool listening to my top 100 that I made back during my freshman year at WSC.

    Talked to the Cruise people the other day. We wanted info about how much our free cruise was going to cost. We still have to pay port fees and taxes. $175 per person for fees, $150 per person for taxes. That's $325 right there, and haven't seen a boat yet. Then there's the forced gratuity. You never tip anyone, but maids clean your room, your food is all free, and all the other things the crew does we never see. It's $12 per person, per day, per room. After a week, that is another $84. That means, we pay $409 each to go to and from Bermuda on a "free" cruise is we don't charge anything to our room. It's still a good deal. When you do see ads or commercials about cruises starting as low as $229, they are just talking about the room, for one person only. Not the $400 or so extra for the taxes, port fees, and forced gratuity that you end up paying. I think me and Mike are still going to do it. Although he wants more info on if others went with us. So, I'll put it out there to those reading. Want to go on a Cruise, leaving Boston and going to Bermuda, beginning Friday, Oct. 18th? Tell me now, and in two weeks, i'll set it up. You will get a discount, and we can go as a group. Think about it.

    More than enough from me. Nice day, think i'll sit on the porch and read.

    Brian's Big Thought of the Day:

    I think we might be having a party today, Saturday June 29th, at our place in Leominster. Please contact my brother Mike for more information.
    Saturday, May 18th, 2013
    9:22 am
    From Mother's Day to Next Week
    Good morning all who are reading this after I post on this very beautiful Saturday morning. Even though I will have to work both days of this weekend, for the first time in probably a month I was able to sleep in and get a good amount of rest that I've been needing to get. Thought it would be fun to do a little bit of writing because I had a few interesting things happen in the past week, but also bigger plans coming up for next week. So, here we go:


    Mother's Day happened last Sunday. Paul thought it would be a great idea for almost the entire Andrews family, minus John (that commute from North Carolina would have been hell) to all meet up at a restaurant that was hosting a special Mother's Day brunch. I love this idea for a few of reasons. (1) Brunch is fucking great. A buffet of unlimited scrambled eggs and bacon, plus other food to is great. (2) I don't have to do anything besides kick in on the bill. (3) I never been to the restaurant, Sean Patrick's, so it would be interesting to get a look inside.

    Unfortunately, those ideas were only good in theory. This restaurant tried every trick in the book to fuck us over. Coffee and juice weren't free, that was extra. Every plate was $22 for adults, and $13 for my niece Marley who had maybe 4 bites of fruits. My non-alcoholic choice of pineapple fruit was six fucking dollars. Did they literally purchase a giant can of pineapples, and the juice from that was poured into my tiny glass to justify such a markup? Those scrambled eggs fucking sucked. I've had plenty of meals from my days at Worcester State with top notch brunch options. One of the things that make it a brunch are the lunch options. At this place, it was sliced ham, sliced roast beef, and rice. That was it.

    Then it was time to do the math. There was a total of 10 people, but then all the mother's were out of the bill, and my sister whose birthday just happened, and before I knew it, I was one of 5 people kicking in $60 for the worst brunch I ever had. It was only at the end did I know that omelets were options that came with the brunch, unlike the juice and coffee. The balls on these people, charging three bucks per cup of coffee on a fucking buffet style brunch. Had I known omelets were an option (there was no omelet station which was why I didn't know) and my bill would be sixty bucks, I would have order 20 omelets, every potential variety available, had a few bits, and threw it away to even things out. Man was I pissed.

    After the whole thing was done, my mother's day gift was to take my mom out to the 99 restaurant for the next day for a nice dinner but also for her to have fun and compete at their Monday Night Trivia.


    I will admit, there was a shitty side of me thinking that with my mom playing trivia, we could really kick some ass if there were a few random trivia questions. Instead, we got questions about one hit wonders (mom only knew about Chubby Checker's song, "The Twist"), Massachusetts pop culture (very fun category about fun things in this state. My mom somehow knew there was a total of 4 Kimball's ice cream stands in Massachusetts. But she thought Ben Affleck won Best Supporting Actor in "Good Will Hunting". I was there to write in Robin Williams) and another category that I have forgot.

    My mom had a good time, and I was delighted that she was cool sitting at the bar. I felt cheap because unbeknownst to me, my mom had a very big and a very late lunch at the senior center (then again, because they were seniors, it was probably a standard 4:00pm early bird dinner) and she didn't eat much. Just some sort of flat bread pizza thing.

    She did have fun, and was amazed that of the questions we did get correct, I was the reason for all except that question about Kimball's. That was definitely a highlight of the night. Oh, and because the questions were so difficult, and we were very consistent, Team Cheers (clink glasses) got another 3rd place finish, winning ourselves a free appetizer. My entire bill, complete with over 20% tip came to only $50. Me, mom and Just ate, drank, played trivia, had dessert, and the bill was under what I alone had to chip in for that shitty Mother's Day buffet.

    Another fun thing, because we were at the 99, the Bruins game was on...


    When we had left the 99, the game was tied 1-1 going into the 2nd period. I show up home, and it was the third period, and I tried watching the game in the living room. But then the Leafs scored to make it 2-1. Then again to make it 3-1. I couldn't take it, and I went to my bedroom, to check on some email and my twitter, but kept the game on in the background. It was the third period by now, and the Leafs had scored again. This was what I tweeted:

    Brian Andrews ‏@kubrick97 13 May
    The Leafs just made it 4-1. It's fucking over. Better luck next year Bruins.

    I was so mad. They were down 4-1 and the third period was almost half over. I kept the game on to hate watch the Bruins, hoping that if they are going to lose, they better lose big. I mean, they only had a 3-1 GAME advantage over the pathetic Maple Leafs, you know, the Clippers of the NHL, and now they were going to lose tonight, blowing a big game lead, and on home ice.

    As I was watching, with around 10:30 left in the third, the Bruins finally get a goal. All I can think is way too little, way too late.

    I get off of my computer, and watch the rest of the Bruins game. Nothing much happens, and then, with two minutes remaining in the game, they pull Rask for the extra man out there, and they score with 1:30 left in the game to make it 4-3. Once again, I don't think about an amazing comeback. All I can think is that the Bruins will lose by a goal, but the game really wasn't that close at all.

    They drop the puck, Bruins win possession, Rask is pulled again, and somehow, someway, with the mother of all screens, Patrice Bergeron stuffs the puck in net. I scream in amazement. Alone. In my room. I quickly run to my computer and update my Twitter with this:

    Brian Andrews ‏@kubrick97 13 May

    It took the Bruins only 30 seconds to go from being down 4-2 to tying it up. The interesting thing was there was still 50 seconds left in regulations, and Rich Peverly almost scored to make it 5-4 Bruins. He just didn't get enough stick on the puck with a very open net that would have tear downed the Garden with an eruption of pandemonium.

    The game, a Game 7 of the Playoffs, was tied and went into the most intense thing in all of sports, Sudden Death Overtime. First to score whens it all.

    I just remembered that the Bruins weren't skating in OT, they were flying. They were just so much faster, checked harder, had better passes, and just never stopped shooting the puck. It only took a few minutes into the OT, when there was a rush, a shot on net, a loose rebound, another save, back to Bergeron who shot it again, and the lamp went red. The puck went in, the remaining crowd at the Garden went fucking nuts, the Bruins empty the bench to celebrate, and this was what I had to write on Twitter:

    Brian Andrews ‏@kubrick97 13 May

    In the world of Twitter, my boy Emmy was busting my balls as he basically retweeted this:

    John Gabbey ‏@jogabbeyjr Protected account 13 May
    Best quote of the night. RT @kubrick97: The Leafs just made it 4-1. It's fucking over. Better luck next year Bruins.

    I had to tweet him right back:

    Brian Andrews ‏@kubrick97 14 May
    @jogabbeyjr In my defense, NO TEAM IN PLAYOFF HISTORY HAS EVER WON A GAME DOWN BY 3 GOALS IN THE THIRD PERIOD. I did stay for the happy end

    It was an amazing game. The Bruins advanced to the next round to take on the New York Rangers. Even though that's an eastern team and an Original Six team, Bruins-Rangers haven't played in the playoffs in 40 years.


    First Wednesday I played at my poker league, I had a few kills, and overall, got 3rd place. Second time I played, was getting garbage cards, and was constantly folding. I did win a hand or two, and was good enough to hang around until a finished in 10th place. With me gone, final table.

    This past Wednesday, I played really well. In the first hand I did play, I doubled up. At the very end, we are down to the last 10 players or so, with very high blinds. I go all-in when I show pocket Aces. They either fold to me and I pick up the blinds, or they call and hopefully my Aces win. I get one caller, who just wanted the extra points for getting a kill (that is when you knock someone out of the tournament). This is all pre-flop, and it my Ace-Ace versus his 5-7 of hearts. The flop doesn't give him a pair of even a chance at a straight, just one heart. Then it went Runner-Runner Heart-Heart, and just like that, I'm gone losing to a flush. A shitty way to end the night, but that is how poker sometimes works. I'm still very strong though in the standings with yet another top-10 finish after three weeks.


    Poker runs late. I didn't get home until around 11:30pm. I was also hungry, and picked up some food before I came home. Stayed up late, ate my food, watched some shows I had on my DVR for the past couple of nights. I knew I might have been in trouble when I took my glasses off to go to bed and my alarm clock read 1:45am.

    5:00am, alarm goes off. I smack it, and think I just need a few more minutes of sleep...

    6:45am, I wake up again and scream "OH SHIT!"

    I was actually supposed to be at work a little bit early than normal for this Thursday because our inventory was going to be a mess. I didn't even have time to properly shower. I just did a total change of clothes, a shot of mouthwash for my breath, and a heavy spray of Febreze on my body. Drove into work, with my boss calling my cell to tell me that he knows I'm this late.

    Get in, notice a shitload of paperwork that needs to be done before I can even do my inventory. Due to what we call B-Loads, which are secondary truck loads of inventory that must be factored in because they haven't been offloaded yet, I had to factor in all the cases of B-Loads before I did my morning inventory. Sometimes, we'll get a lot of B-Loads, and that can me 2,000 cases, and sometimes, 8 or 10 thousand cases. This was a new record in my 5 years at Pepsi: 24,000 cases on a B-Load. And we had to submit our numbers by 8:30am.

    We did our best, and only counted things that were really off, like our Ale and Diet Ale. It turns out it was really off because I somehow paid them under the wrong inventory ID number, and just like that, my bosses should have fired my pathetic ass that day. Instead, they were going to use this against me when I go on vacation next week and I'm not supposed to yell at them if they have any errors paying bills.

    It was such a bad day. It was so bad, I just stayed as late as I could, paying every bill with extreme precision. I then used whatever down time I did have to take care of every outstanding credit and debit, matched every invoice, and all the other pain in the ass paperwork I had laying around so the next day's period close would go that much smoother.


    This is a pretty long entry at this point, so I'll make this one quick. After such a bad day at work, all I was looking forward to was eating, and watching the Bruins game and the Series Finale of "The Office". I could do two of those things (eat and watch the Bruins) while also trying to win some Red Sox tickets. Me and Justi (Team Cheers!) went to the 99 again. Instead of trivia beginning at 7:30pm, they started a half hour earlier. The idea was to get in a round of trivia with the answers before the game began. Watch the first period. Intermission, do another round of trivia with the answers. Watch the 2nd period. Intermission; final round of trivia with answers, hand out the prizes, watch another Bruins OT win.

    Instead, the first round went so quickly, that we were able to jam in two rounds of trivia before the game even began. No categories this time, all random. First round was tough, we only got 4 points. But felt much better when that put us in 2nd place, with the team in first only had 5 points. 2nd round, I was on fire. I went 9 for 10, incorrectly guessing where the Lockerby Flight Tragedy was suppose to go. I felt either LA or NY, and went with LA. Turns out it was NY. We went into the final round knowing we were in the lead.

    Last round, and the questions are super hard. But there was a couple of bonus questions, and we were able to get extra points through that. Just really came alive in that final round, knowing the full name of the artist that painted "Water Lilies" (I knew it was Monet, but for the extra point, Justi knew his full name was Claude Monet) and for a movie quote, Justi knew what the man in black says as he is pushed from the tower by the Princess, "As You Wish....."

    The waitress, for extra drama, goes over the answers first, and when get annoyed that if we thought about something a little longer, we would have had an extra point. And weren't sure if one answer was good enough or just had partial credit. The waitress says, "In third place, with 13 points..." and I told Just, perfect, we already had 13 points going into the final round, and we scored at least 4 points, so it wasn't us. "In second place, with 17 points..." and it wasn't Team Cheers. Which meant, however many points we did get, we had first place to ourselves. Sure enough, "And in first place, once again, Team Cheers!" Me and Justi clinked our glasses and scored ourselves two more tickets to a Red Sox game, this time for July 3rd (obviously not working the next day, YES!) against the San Diego Padres.

    I fucking love trivia night at the 99. We used our free appetizer we won on Monday to cover our tab, which was mostly Justi's two big Blue Moon beers she always has. With tip, it was only $25 which Justi took care of, which was great.


    Today and Tomorrow, I have to go to work and deal with my period close. I need to go to the bank today and take out a couple hundred. Tomorrow, after work is done, I'm driving over to Foxwoods. On Sunday, they are giving out the free cruises again, and I'm going to get the brochure, look it over with Mike, and see if we're going to Bermuda again, or maybe a different place and try to not lose money like we did last cruise.

    Later on next week, need to get a hair cut. Need to finally go to the movies and see something, I was thinking about this new movie called "Mud" that is getting a lot of critical praise. Next Friday, it finally happens, the reunion with my former college roommate John, aka Eminem, aka Emmy, aka my best friend. We will see each other in person for the first time in 11 years. Last time, it was February, 2002, the same weekend the Patriots won their first Super Bowl. That was the last time I saw him in person. He is bringing his girlfriend along, as we both have the week of Memorial day off. We'll meet on Friday, on Saturday, we drive out to Foxwoods (free hotel, that way we're not stuck at my house on a Marley weekend) and we'll catch up, hang out, eat, do fun things, mild gambling, and whatever else. Sunday, repeat, but do it at the MGM grand where I got a suite for $50 that is sure to be the lubricant for the threesome me and Emmy have been planning for such a long time. But, keep it quiet, it will be a big surprise for his girlfriend Pauline.

    On Monday, we will leave Foxwoods on the actual Memorial Day. If someone is throwing a party or something, we'll go there. If not, we will come back to my house, and just watch the entire new season of "Arrested Development" that will be released on Netflix that day. And on Tuesday, Emmy and his girl will leave, going back home towards Buffalo, NY. I will do very little the rest of that week, and might go to the movies or maybe, just maybe, the pool will be open and the weather will be good enough and take my first swim of the year. But that's all in the future. And the future looks good.

    Brian's Big Thought of the Day:

    I think if you have read all of this, please know that the threesome thing was a joke.
    Sunday, May 12th, 2013
    10:30 am
    Happy Mothers Day MOM!!!
    My mom is a saint. She is the sweetest, kindest, most caring person I know, and I'm as lucky as can be to have her be my mom.

    To all the other moms out there who are a very distant second to my mom, Happy Mothers Day!

    Brian's Big Thought of the Day:

    I wonder if this entry will make up for the fact that as a shitty son, I didn't even get my great mother a card for her special day.
    Monday, April 29th, 2013
    5:36 am
    8th movie of 2013, "The Place Beyond the Pines" *** 1/2; 9th movie of 2013, "42" *
    I really liked "The Place Beyond the Pines", and I personally thought "42" sucked. Don't see "42". It's a bullshit movie like "Lincoln" that over does the dramatic because it believes the content is very important. All it does if leave you with a poorly scripted movie.

    "The Place Beyond the Pines" has an amazing shot of Eva Mendes in a light blue tank top that has been the best image I have seen at the movies this entire year. There are other things, like exciting bank robberies, but seriously, Eva Mendes, goddamn. She discovered a new way to wear a tank top. It's not just nipping, it's like areolaeing. I've seen women win Oscars for less.

    This has been a pervert at the movies.

    (I really need to get back to writing on a more consistent basis.)
    Thursday, April 18th, 2013
    4:53 pm
    Answers to last weeks 99 Trivia Questions
    Last weekend, Me, Mike, Paul & Christie went to Foxwoods overnight on Saturday to see comedian Jim Jefferies. He was very funny as usual, and it was about 95% new material to me. Laughed a lot and had a blast. I won some money, but the next morning, pissed away my winnings. In the end, I lost somewhere between $50-$100. No biggie, seeing I didn't pay anything for my meals, my hotel room, used points for my comedy ticket, and had a nice buzz on with the alcohol I brought and drank. It was fun. On Memorial Day weekend, I go back to Foxwoods, this time with my buddy John. Should be a blast, we haven't been in the same room since the Pats won their first Super Bowl, February 2002. That's a long, long ass time.

    I don't want to go all depressing with what happened at the Boston Marathon. On the brighter side of things, my boy Emmy told me some very funny, and very offensive and way too soon jokes. So, I can always laugh at tragedies.

    Speaking of a tragedy, my Saturn has done it again. Another year it has passed the Massachusetts State Car Inspection. Got a solid D+, and no car was left behind. Thanks again you piece of shit Saturn.

    In about one hour, I'm going back to the 99 restaurant with maybe Justi, and with me will be Christa and Tom for some team trivia. Which reminded me, I never did the answers from last week. Here they are.

    Round 1:

    (1) Before becoming green, what was the color of the left field wall at Fenway? (we got this wrong)
    --Navy Blue

    (2) Who has hit the most homeruns at Fenway Park?
    --Ted Williams

    (3) Who is the right field foul post named after at Fenway?
    --Johnny Pesky
    (4) How long was the "Curse of the Bambino"?
    --86 years (1918-2004)

    (5) Who is the last Red Sox player to hit an inside the park home run?
    --Jacoby Elsbury
    (6) What does the one red bleacher seat signify at Fenway?
    --The longest homerun ever hit at Fenway, caused by Ted Williams

    (7) What team did the Sox beat to win the 2004 World Series?
    --The St. Louis Cardinals

    (8) Who was the first Red Sox pitcher to pitch two no-hitters?
    --Cy Young

    (9) Who is the very first manager of the Boston Red Sox? (No clue, we guessed Yawkey)
    --Jim Collins

    (10) How many world series have the Red Sox won in team history?
    --7 World Series titles

    Round 2: (We got these all correct with one bonus point)

    (1) What baseball themed romantic comedy stars Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore?
    --Fever Pitch

    (2) What crop is cut to make the field in "Field of Dreams"?

    (3) What is the real name of "The Beast" that gets the Babe Ruth baseball in "The Sandlot"?

    (4) What team is Kit traded to in "A League of Their Own"?
    --Racine Belles

    (5) Besides "Field of Dreams", what are the other Kevin Costner baseball movies (3 titles, 3 points)
    --Bull Durham, For The Love of The Game, The Upside of Anger, and Chasing Dreams

    (6) Name the movie about a minor league pitcher coaching a little league team of misfits.
    --Bad News Bears

    (7) What actor plays Rob Hobbs in "The Natural"?
    --Robert Redford

    (8) What's the name of the movie about a 12 year old that inherits the Minnesota Twins?
    --Little Big League

    (9) What Brad Pitt movie is about winning baseball using computer analysis?

    (10) What movie does a kid break his arm, leading him to become a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs?
    --Rookie of the Year

    Round 3: (We had a two-point lead, and we went straight off the rails in this round)

    (1) Name the last Red Sox player to play in all 162 games? Dustin Pedroia, Nomar Garciaparra, or Dwight Evans?
    --Dwight Evans

    (2) What year was the creation of the mascot "Wally, the Green Monster"?

    (3) He was All-American 3 times at Georgia Tech, won the starting job of Catcher for the Sox, and now consults for the team. Who is this person?
    --Jason Varitek

    (4) Before Jason Varitek, who was the last Red Sox captain?
    --Jim Rice

    (5) Who caused a 15-minute break due to a standing ovation while throwing out the first pitch at Fenway in July of 1999?
    --Ted Williams (at the '99 All-Star Game)

    (6) Who coined the phrase, "Cowboy Up!"?
    --Kevin Millar

    (7) What song is sung during the 7th inning stretch, specifically at Fenway?
    --Mildly shenangins, she meant "Sweet Caroline", but that's done in the 8th. "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" is still done in the 7th. Either answer got the point.

    (8) What are the two snacks in the song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"?
    --Peanuts & Crackerjacks

    (9) How much does a Fenway Frank cost?

    (10) As of 7pm on 4-11-13, what is the current record of the Sox this season?
    --They were 5-3 last week.

    Hopefully all did well. Still so pissed that I missed Red Sox tickets by one point.

    Brian's Big Thought of the Day:

    I think when we eventually find the person that caused the bombs to go off at the Boston Marathon, we should go old school and tar and feather the asshole. Then, parade him around next St. Patrick's Day and allow anyone who has taken their two-drink minimum to punch the fucker out. Boston Strong!
    Thursday, April 11th, 2013
    9:59 pm
    Missed the grand prize at team trivia by 1 point. How would you do?
    Me and Justi (Team "Cheers", because Justi has never seen the show "Cheers" and we started watching a few episodes of it on Netflix Instant Streaming) just came back from team trivia at the 99 restaurant. And I'm pissed. I can't believe we did (sorry, I did, Justi assisted on one question) that good and still lost, by a single fucking point. So mad. The grand prize for the overall winner were two tickets to a Red Sox game. And because of this, all questions were baseball themed. Round 1, all Red Sox. Round 2, baseball movies. Round 3, general Red Sox questions. Would you have scored higher than 24 points? That is what we put up. So close, so far away. Instead of free tickets, we won a free appetizer.

    Justi did her job and wrote down all the answers, so here are all the questions. Round 3 is crazy difficult.

    Round 1:

    (1) Before becoming green, what was the color of the left field wall at Fenway? (we got this wrong)
    (2) Who has hit the most homeruns at Fenway Park?
    (3) Who is the right field foul post named after at Fenway?
    (4) How long was the "Curse of the Bambino"?
    (5) Who is the last Red Sox player to hit an inside the park home run?
    (6) What does the one red bleacher seat signify at Fenway?
    (7) What team did the Sox beat to win the 2004 World Series?
    (8) Who was the first Red Sox pitcher to pitch two no-hitters?
    (9) Who is the very first manager of the Boston Red Sox? (No clue, we guessed Yawkey)
    (10) How many world series have the Red Sox won in team history?

    Round 2: (We got these all correct with one bonus point)

    (1) What baseball themed romantic comedy stars Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore?
    (2) What crop is cut to make the field in "Field of Dreams"?
    (3) What is the real name of "The Beast" that gets the Babe Ruth baseball in "The Sandlot"?
    (4) What team is Kit traded to in "A League of Their Own"?
    (5) Besides "Field of Dreams", what are the other Kevin Costner baseball movies (3 titles, 3 points)
    (6) Name the movie about a minor league pitcher coaching a little league team of misfits.
    (7) What actor plays Rob Hobbs in "The Natural"?
    (8) What's the name of the movie about a 12 year old that inherits the Minnesota Twins?
    (9) What Brad Pitt movie is about winning baseball using computer analysis?
    (10) What movie does a kid break his arm, leading him to become a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs?

    Round 3: (We had a two-point lead, and we went straight off the rails in this round)

    (1) Name the last Red Sox player to play in all 162 games? Dustin Pedroia, Nomar Garciaparra, or Dwight Evans?
    (2) What year was the creation of the mascot "Wally, the Green Monster"?
    (3) He was All-American 3 times at Georgia Tech, won the starting job of Catcher for the Sox, and now consults for the team. Who is this person?
    (4) Before Jason Varitek, who was the last Red Sox captain?
    (5) Who caused a 15-minute break due to a standing ovation while throwing out the first pitch at Fenway in July of 1999?
    (6) Who coined the phrase, "Cowboy Up!"?
    (7) What song is sung during the 7th inning stretch, specifically at Fenway?
    (8) What are the two snacks in the song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"?
    (9) How much does a Fenway Frank cost?
    (10) As of 7pm on 4-11-13, what is the current record of the Sox this season?

    We screwed up on questions 1 & 10, that I should have gotten right if I spent more time on them. We lost by one fucking point. Do you know how annoying that shit is? We had educated guesses but were wrong on the year of Wally, The captain before Varitek, and the price of a Fenway Frank.

    We scored 8 points in Round 1, team "Rem Dawgs" scored a 9. We scored 11 points in Round 2, Rem Dawgs only got 8. Then, final round, we get only 5 points, they must have score 8, because they won with a total of 25 points to our 24. Such a heart breaker. It was a total punch in the gut feeling. I hate it.

    This Saturday, Me, Mike, Paul & Christie are staying overnight at Foxwoods to get drunk, gamble, and see comedian Jim Jefferies. Maybe on Sunday, if all went well, I'll have a recap. Just want to drink some vodka and not lose any money gambling. That is my plan.

    Brian's Big Thought of the Day:

    I think my mind is officially slipping in movie trivia. I knew what the 3rd Kevin Costner movie was about, he was a former major league pitcher, but now he is a drunk DJ on the local radio station that refuses to talk about sports. Can't believe I couldn't remember the title. That would have been one extra point and at least a tie.
    Friday, March 29th, 2013
    8:23 pm
    A Best of Big Thoughts
    I want to thank everyone that commented of my entry from a couple of weeks ago. Normally, i get zero comments, and the most i have ever received was maybe 5. But something about movie trivia and Justi's shitty cat somehow got me up to 10 comments. Great job you very few readers. Can't wait to see you all when there's a family reunion.

    I have a bunch of mostly nothing thoughts that have been running around in my head. It was only yesterday did i realize that this is Easter weekend, and it means nothing to me. No chocolate bunny, no 3-hour long church, no watching either Ben-Hur or the Ten Commandments, no giant ham dinner with family. Instead, i'll probably just eat mac & cheese and watch a marathon of "The Walking Dead". I watched the first two seasons, but missed all of the new stuff of Season 3. But they are running all of season 3 this Saturday and Sunday, finishing with the season finale late night on Sunday. I'm very excited to watch.

    Last weekend, me, Mike, Paul & Christie all went out to Boston to see comedian Demetri Martin. He was very funny, and he used not one but two large pads for jokes. Even though he sometimes plays music by guitar, piano, or other instruments, he didn't, and that was cool. Even if he did say about a dozen jokes i had heard before, i was cool with it. 90% new content for me, and i read his book, saw his comedy central specials, and all of his shows that lasted only 20 episodes. I had a great time and i thank Paul and Christie for going out of their way to get the tickets and drive us out. I also thank Mike for taking care of the bill when we ate and drank at that restaurant. In two weeks, i pay it back when we all are going out to Foxwoods to see Jim Jefferies perform. I want to have a lot of laughs, and not lose anything gambling.

    Me, Justi and Christa went to the 99 last night. No big list of questions. In the end, we got tied for 2nd, bringing home a Sam Adams glass and a bottle opener that Christa really wanted. A fun night, and a real team effort. None of us on our own would have even gotten that far. In two weeks, i'm going to have to step up my game because that is when they start giving out a real prize, Red Sox tickets. Hopefully they'll have a night of "Simpsons" questions when they do.

    Still haven't done my taxes yet.

    Still haven't gone to the movies in over a month. I'm still stuck at seeing only 7 movies so far in 2013. But, when there is nothing of quality worth seeing, that i'm happy to stay home and watch whatever is on Netflix. I love rewatching all the episodes of "Breaking Bad" with Justi. We only have five more episodes left to watch that Netflix will allow on instant streaming.

    That is all the new stuff i have to offer. Now, hopefully an enjoyable blast from the past. A cut and paste of all of my good "Brian's Big Thought of the Day" that goes as far back as August 2005. I started this in my entries the day after seeing "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" for the first time. I'm just going to start throwing this in until this entry is long enough and i'm done.

    Brian's Big Thoughts of the From Back in the Day:

    --I think whenever someone says "Pun not intended", the crappy pun was really intended, and the person wanted to sound funny.

    --I was really bored one day, and i had just scene that episode of the Simpsons were there's a new girl at school that is smarter than Lisa. They play a game called Anagrams where they take someone's named and form an anagram to describe that person. Thinking of that, i realized the perfect anagram for Brian Andrews was "brain wanders".

    --I think pistol whipping someone is funny and stupid at the same time. Think about it, you have a gun, if you hate the person, just shot him. You don't need to kill him, just shot him in the foot. But no, people will instead pistol whip someone, and just hit them with the gun, like a weird brass knuckle. I wonder what asshole deciding killing was wrong but the bruising was fine, so he invented pistol whipping.

    --I think the word "zombie" is really cool, because the actual idea of a zombie doesn't exist. But we have a word for it anyway.

    --I think dogs are in a constant state of starvation. Why else would they watch you so closely as you are eating dinner after they've already eaten?

    --I think if someone ever says the phrase, "I stand corrected", and they are not actually standing, you should correct them by saying, "Actually, you sit corrected". They get really annoyed.

    --I think the sexiest commercial of all time is for Red Lobster. Man, i've never seen shrimp that erotic ever. You watch those commercials, it would make great porn for the under the sea crowd.

    --I think it's cooler to be a geek than a nerd. And i think the nerds know this, and it pisses them off.

    --I think i have the perfect cure for the hiccups. But everyone just thinks i'm full of shit.

    --I think someone could make a lot of money selling dental floss right across from a stand selling corn on the cob.

    --I think "underrated" is an overrated term.

    --I think this was a good example of racial bias. I bought some chinese food, and they gave me a plastic white fork. Some asian guy bought some food also, he was given chopsticks. That's so unfair, how does the guy know that man can eat with two sticks, everyone should get the same plastic fork.

    --I think bagels get way too much credit; it's the cream cheese that does all the work.

    --I think McDonalds should get more credit for their straws. They are the best than any other place. Compare them to any other fast food place, or Dunkin Donuts, or a movie theater's straws, McDonalds has the best.

    --I think that if they have the SAP button to allow spanish speaking people to listen to regular shows, they should have a SAP button so i can understand what the hell is so funny on Telemundo.

    --I think they should change the spelling of "palindrome" so you can read it backwards.

    --I think Honey Bunches of Oats just doesn't get enough credit.

    (I was really into giving mundane things lots of credit)

    --I think if Dunkin Donuts didn't offer free whip cream in there drinks, i'd probably never go there.

    --I think it's a shame the clapper never fully caught on. That was supposed to be the peak of laziness, clapping hands instead of flipping a switch.

    --I think all bathrooms should be sound proof. I'm not a fan of eating food in the kitchen, while hearing someone use the bathroom, and vice versa.

    --I think magic markers aren't that magical. Come on, it's just a really thick pen.

    --I think haikus are
    Without a doubt poetry's
    Lazy ass cousin.

    --I think it's amazing how the candle industry stayed alived after the ligthbulb.

    --I think "The Blair Witch Project" was a really good and a really scary movie. But because it became too popular, people mocked it, and the movie lost a lot of its scary charm.

    --I think it's kinda pathetic that i can't ever read a book that doesn't have to do with movies, cartoons, or sports. But its the only stuff worth reading.

    --I think it's a good thing that i have never once stepped inside a Starbucks. (True in 2005, still true in 2013)

    --I think a lot about just getting a big fountain, and putting like seven dollars in change in there, and see if i can make a big profit on people making wishes. It would be like organized religion with a lot less overhead and the same odds.

    --I think about the phrase "Damsel in distress" a lot. I wonder, what the hell makes her a damsel, and if you are a damsel, what's there to be stressing about?

    -- think Crayola and Jell-O need to team up and start cranking out new flavored colors. Think of the possibilitis from those Crayola 128 crayon sets.

    --I think i will never become too old to enjoy cartoons.

    -- think it's weird that handicapped people get the best parking space to any store, but in times of serious need, they must walk to the bathroom stall that is the one further away then the rest.

    --I think of the most craziest shit when i'm taking a crazy shit. So i guess it's true, we truely do the best thinking when in the bathroom.

    --I think the color purple makes for a great candy.

    --I think trapezoids are just circumsized triangles.

    --I think if I didn't have a radio in my car, i would never sing out loud.

    --I think it's funny to hear religious people bitch about the commercialization of Christmas, and for them to also bitch when store say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas".

    --I think for Christmas, i much rather have everything on my wish list than Peace on Earth. But that's just me.

    --I think i prefer a warm cup of cocoa, then a hot cop of chocolate. There's a 30 degree difference, and my tongue prefers not getting burned.

    --I think the guy who made the sombrero is an asshole on two levels. One, could you make it any bigger? Two, Pedro Sombrero had to name it after himself.

    --I think the most ironic thing about irony is that is has nothing to do with iron.

    --I think it sucks that we only hear the word 'twas during the Christmas season. I think we should combine more words like that, such as "it will not happen" could become "'twon't do". Sounds good, saves time, let's try it people.

    --I've never met anyone, or even seen anyone (outside of a PBS special) celebrate Kwanza. So, until someone can prove me wrong, Kwanza doesn't exist.

    --I think it's quite pathetic that i still have never had egg nog or cider that actually contained alcohol. (I have done that years later)

    --I think the best thing about placebos is that they have only one side effect; they work.

    --I think it's weird how it's always a quicker drive leaving a place than is the drive going to that place.

    --Have you ever noticed the phrase "Don't go there" is rarely ever used when talking about travel? The phrase would be great if some guy said, "Yeah, i'm thinking about going to the North Pole during the winter." "Dude, don't go there." No, instead, it's used in Jerry Springer shows, "Bitch, you slept with my man, and look at that nasty weave" "Oh bitch, don't go there."

    --I think there will never be a sport more entertaing to play or watch then football. We got two weeks of the Winter Olympics coming up, and it will never compete to the 4 weeks of post season football that leads to The Super Bowl.

    --Is it "by gone" or "bygone" in the phrase "let bygones be by gones"? And if it is "bygone", what the fuck is a "bygone"? It is normally this type of thinking that made sure i never made it in the real world.

    --I think it's weird that i felt guilty those two times i parked in a handicapped parking spot. But never felt even a moment's guilt the hundred or so times i've used the handicapped stall in the bathroom.

    --I think if you ever hear someone say, "Expect the unexpected", you should immediately kick that guy in the balls. You want to know if he follows his own advice.

    --Light bulbs; I once saw a commercial for them. Why? The perfect advertisement for light bulbs is when the damn things don't work. Just like batteries. No reason to have commercials. Just wait until they don't work, and replace the fucking things.

    --I wonder how many people end up getting VD on Valentine's Day.

    --You know the expression, "So far, so good"? Well, i wonder if they used other adjectives instead of "good" before they settled. Why not "So far, so great"? or "So far, so mediocore". "So far, so ok" "So far, so fantastic". By the way, so far, so horrible a thought of the day. END.

    And with that, I'll try some more of these cut and paste big thoughts for a later entry. I'm only up to Feb. 2006.

    Brian's Big Thought of the Day:

    I think i'm going to purchase a movie on demand this weekend. That weird Kubrick documentary about "The Shining" is now on VOD. Rather watch "Room 237" than the shit that is currently playing in the theaters.
    Thursday, March 21st, 2013
    9:58 pm
    Answers to last weeks questions, plus ER bills and a final dark thought
    Me and Justi (Team Breaking Bad, as we're watching every episode of the AMC hit show "Breaking Bad" through Netflix) went to trivia night at the 99 tonight, and boy did we suck. The theme of the night was a day in the life of Jess, the waitress. She's a barista, so round 1, coffee questions. She's a pastry chef, so round 2 was about baking. And because she's a bartender, the final round was about cocktails. And no, not the Tom Cruise movie from 1988, i would have kicked ass at that.

    So, we did not win. When Mike is there, easier questions are asked. But, we still had a good time, and it was pretty cheap. I get free refills on my Mango Iced Tea, so everything, with the free appatizer coupon we won last week set us back $25, and that covers the tip.

    Tonight was nothing like last week. Here are all the answers for those who didn't know:


    (1) What Stephen King book turned movie is about a rabid, killer saint bernard?

    (2) What movie is about a pig that can raise sheep? (Her wording, not mine. I would have asked what movie is about a pig that competes in a sheep herding competition?)

    (3) What is the child actress who was in the Robert Redford movie "The Horse Whiperere"?
    Scarlet Johansson

    (4) What Ethan Hawke movie is about him finding gold with a hybrid dog/wolf from a Jack London classic?
    White Fang

    (5) What Haley Mills Disney movie is about a girl and her cat? (This was ALL CHRISTA, i just confirmed)
    That Darn Cat

    (6) What movie is about a boy that discovers a killer whale at an aquarium and wants to free it?
    Free Willy

    (7) What movie is about Tom Hanks and a dog that try to solve a murder?
    Turner & Hooch

    (8) What movie is about a real life horse that was too small with a jockey that was too big?

    (9) What is the name of the character in "The Wizard of Oz" that wanted to take Toto while in Kansas?
    Mrs. Gultch

    (10) Why did they have to shoot Old Yeller at the end?
    He had rabies


    (1) What is the team that Charlie Sheen is on when he is Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn?
    Cleveland Indians

    (2) What is the last name of the brothers in the movie "Slap Shot"?

    (3) What is Madonna's charater's full name (nickname included) in "A League of Their Own"?
    "All The Way" May Motivito

    (4) What is Rocky's manager/trainer's first name?

    (5) What movie is about the FIRST Notre Damn football player carried off the field? (I yelled shenangins, i think she meant LAST football player carried off. Either way, it's "Rudy")

    (6) In "Field of Dreams", what ballpark do Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones go to find "Moonlight" Grahme? (I yelled shenangins at this one too: They went to this place and LEARNED about him, they had to go to Minnesota to find out he already died almost 15 years ago. They on the way back to Iowa, they pick him up as a young guy and bring him to the Field of Dreams.)
    Fenway Park

    (7) What basketball movie is Gene Hackman the coach?

    (8) What movie is about an injured hockey player that becomes a figure skater?
    The Cutting Edge

    (9) What is the name of the country club in "Caddyshack"?

    (10) What is the name of the bad guys' dojo in "The Karate Kid"?
    Cobra Kai

    (11) What is the name of the actor that is the head coach in "The Mighty Ducks"?
    Emilio Estevez


    (1) Merlin is the wizard in "The Sword in the Stone", what is the name of his pet owl? (The entire 99 trivia people moaned, "Who the hell is going to know that?" someone yelled. I was writing down the correct answer.

    (2) What are the name of the three fairies in "Sleeping Beauty"?
    Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather

    (3) What animal is Little John is "Robin Hood"? (I laughed so hard at that. I must have seen that movie a thousand times.)
    A Bear

    (4) What movie has the song "Bippity, Boppity, Boo"?

    (5) What is the name of Ariel's crabby friend in "The Little Mermaid"?

    (6) What was Disney's first princess?
    Snow White

    (7) What movies are the character Pongo and Perdita in?
    101 Dalmations

    (8) What type of dog is "Lady" from "Lady and the Tramp"?
    Cocker Spaniel

    (9) What are the two things you need to fly in "Peter Pan"?
    Pixie Dust and happy thoughts

    (10) What home appliance is Lumiere in "Beauty and the Beast"?
    Candelstick or Candelabra


    Over a month ago, i had to go to the emergency room. My ankle was killing me, and it got so damn bad, i just couldn't walk on it. I tried icing it on and off, took some pain killings, all the normal non-inflammatory stuff. In the end, had to go to the ER in the middle of the night (hurt so much, couldn't sleep) to see if i might have broken something. After x-rays, nothing was broken. They just gave me a few pills, some prescriptions for more bills to bring down the swelling, and crutches so my weight wouldn't make it worse. That's all i needed for a few days and all was back to normal. Over the next months, even though i have health insurance, i got my bills. First one was for $11.38. I thought, wow, not that bad for a visit to the ER. I thought that would be it. Then i received another one for $85.67, and i thought shit, i guess this is was it costs for an x-ray. Damn. Then i got a third (and hopefully final bill), this time for $253.79, this was for the doctor who looked at me for a few minutes.

    Well, after my stop at the ER, i went to Atlantic City, and got myself into some debt. It was so bad, i waited until today to finally pay off those ER bills, because getting paid biweekly sucks twice as hard. I feel pretty good about it though. Paid my price, and maybe i can get some good sleep now. Maybe.

    Money worries me. Still haven't done my taxes yet. Shit, for all i know, i might owe the IRS money. It's just really hard to have a fun time without money when you pay out for all the neccessities, like rent, or gas for the car. To save, haven't gone to Foxwoods at all this year. Getting really bad at casinos, and it's hurting my wallet. Haven't gone to the movies in over a month. Not that bad, seeing there is not a single 4-star movie out there that is a "Must See" that's playing that i haven't already seen.

    Tomorrow night, me, Mike, Paul and Christie go out to Boston to see comedian Demetri Martin. Should be a fun show, but i feel like such a pathetic dick when i'm trying to find ways to save money here and there so i can enjoy a night out in Boston and see some good stand up. Obviously everyone has money issues. It's hard for Justi, she doesn't have a job and the market totally sucks. I honestly never thought i would be in my 30's and struggling like i am now, more or less living paycheck to paycheck. Maybe i'm being too dramatic. After all, if i don't gamble my money away, in two months time i'll be fully saved up and back to normal, no debt anywhere. It's just a bit scary and it sucks.

    That wasn't even my dark thought though. I was thinking a bit about my nephew Jordan today (well, for whatever reason, something will make me think of him most days) and i had to talk to Justi about this. It's a strange thing that in our lexicon we talk about suicide in a joking fashion when describing boredom, and everytime i get a weird tinge inside of me because i think about Jordan. I was wondering if this was normal with Justi, and she totally knew what i meant. We see it all the time, in like tv shows or movies. Someone is just boring, and the listener makes a gun with their finger and simulates the bullet shot. I know i've done this in the past. Or said things like, "That movie sucked so much, i wish i blew my brains out instead" It's just weird how we have allowed this to be the norm when so many people knew someone that took their own life this way. Justi told me it's damn near impossible just to watch an episode of "South Park" because of jokes like that. I told her i was watching one of my favorite movies of all time, Stanley Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket" and that bathroom scene at the end of basic training hits on a whole new level. Instead of being able to enjoy a great movie and a great scene, i'm just left with a big reminder of Jordan and end up changing the channel because i don't want to feel shitty. Not sure why this was discussed with Justi on a car ride home, but it was good to know we feel the same way about this.

    No big thoughts. Hopefully this weekend, a recap of a trip to Boston, and on Saturday morning, the results of my tax return.
    Saturday, March 16th, 2013
    5:39 am
    The Love of 99 Trivia Night, the Hate of the Cat
    For the past couple of months, it seems every other Thursday me and Mike go to the 99 Restaurant for their team trivia night. The origin of this is simple. Mike heard about it one day on the radio, learned you can win ski passes, and thought I might be good enough to help him win some of those ski passes in a game of trivia, because i'm pretty good at playing Jeopardy at home. Prior to the other day, me and Mike have gone 4 times, winning three of those times. The one time i went without him, it was just me and Justi, and me and her didn't win, but they did award us a nice complamentary prize.

    Twice we've had a 4-person team consisting of Me, Mike, Justi, and Mike's lady friend of the time Leslie. Twice it was Me, Mike and Justi, and one time, just me and Justi. Overall, we're smart enough in general trivia, and the addition of a girl can always balance out what me and Mike know. For example, Justi has grown gardens before and when the catergory is Foods the begins with W, she is keeping us alive. When it's something like movies or sports, she's out.

    This past Thursday, i was hoping to go to the 99 and try to win some prizes, because we won last time, but this was in February, and starting in March, they would not be giving away ski passes anymore. Which is fine by me, i don't ski. Rather win some gift cards or other prizes.

    While at work on Thursday, a little before lunch, i got the texts from Justi that she would be driving up to Portland Maine (and if this ever hits facebook, to the little fucker who mocked my sister thinking Portland Oregon, it's not that impossible, Justi has friends there) to visit friends. That means she would be out. I called Mike up wanting to know if he wanted to do the 99 without Justi. He mentioned he might have plans (translation: i'm seeing a new girl, if i can get laid in anyway, that trumps going to the 99 with my brother) but around 5:30pm that night he'll let me know.

    When 5:30 finally rolled around, he was unable to make plans that would benefit him, so we went to the 99 instead. While driving down (i was the designated driver because i don't drink alcohol there, just Mango Iced Tea) i told him to call up our sister Christa, because she sounded like she wanted to be there in the past, and it's good to have that female voice in the group. She would have been helpful in the past for questions about "Dirty Dancing" that i was unable to answers.

    Me and Mike show up at the 99 around 6:15pm. Trivia night begins at 7:30pm at the bar. Why are we there that early? Because it's really damn difficult to get seats at the bar. You have to hang around like a vulture and strike when someone gets up and leaves. Luckily, after maybe 20 minutes, me and Mike were able to be seated at the bar. If Christa were to come (we had to wait for her, but she knew trivia began at 7:30) we could just grab an outside stool for her and squeeze her in.

    This was officially my 6th time playing trivia night at the 99. Sometimes, they do random, general trivia questions for 3 rounds, 10 questions a round. Sometimes, for a specific round, they do a catergory for that entire round. This past Thursday, Jess, the cute waitress that runs trivia night decided that tonight, all questions would be movie themed. Me and Mike started high-fiving instantly knowing that we'd win. Christa had just shown up, and instead of punishing her for arriving late by making her come up with a team name, i decided that our team name would be "We Know Movies" to be as smug and arrogant about our knowledge in movies.

    Instead of just random movie questions, each round did have it's own catergory. Round 1: Non-Animated movies about animals. Round 2: Sports Movie. Round 3: Disney Classics. This was so in my wheel house from start to finish. There were questions about movies i've seen hundreds of time. Literally, they asked questions about "Slap Shot", "Caddyshack", "Disney's Robin Hood", "Rudy", and so on.

    Here's the deal: of the 31 total questions asked, we got 5 wrong, and from start to finish kicked everyone's ass and won. So, how would you have done if you were there helping us? Here are the 5 questions we got wrong, and from memory, all the other questions i can remember.

    For Animal Movies: What is the name of the character in "The Wizard of Oz" that wanted to take Toto while in Kansas? I knew the actress in real life, we all know it's the witch, but her Kansas identity we did not.

    Animal movie again, what is the young child actress who was in Robert Redford's movie "The Horse Whisperer"? I wrote down Dakota Fanning, and then while Jess was reading off the questions again during the review part, i realized what the answer really was.

    In sport movies, what is the full name of Madonna's charater in "A League of Their Own"? I got half a point for her name and nickname, but didn't know her last night.

    In Disney movies. what are the names of the three fairies in "Sleeping Beauty"? We never saw that movie, wild guesses, we didn't even know if we got partial credit.

    Also in Disney, what movies is the character Pongo and Perdita in? We orignally thought "Lilo & Stich", then changed it for "The Jungle Book" Both were wrong.

    I wanted to repeat my entry from last week, write down all the questions that i can remember, and see if anyone knew the answers. I don't care if i come across as a smug asshole, here's the deal: I won for my team with these questions. Christa knew the answers to two that i was drawing a blank on, but one of those Mike would have known. Going over the answers, it was so fun to hear Jess say, "And the top score for that round was team We Know Movies" back to back. Mike had the greatest line of all when Jess was trying to build suspense for the final round to declare the top overall winner when Mike said, "There's no suspense, we won!"

    For the past day, i've been writing down all the questions i can remember, and i have 29 of the 31 questions asked. Play along and put in your answers in the comments section.


    (1) What Stephen King book turned movie is about a rabid, killer saint bernard?
    (2) What movie is about a pig that can raise sheep? (Her wording, not mine. I would have asked what movie is about a pig that competes in a sheep herding competition?)
    (3) What is the child actress who was in the Robert Redford movie "The Horse Whiperere"?
    (4) What Ethan Hawke movie is about him finding gold with a hybrid dog/wolf from a Jack London classic?
    (5) What Haley Mills Disney movie is about a girl and her cat? (This was ALL CHRISTA, i just confirmed)
    (6) What movie is about a boy that discovers a killer whale at an aquarium and wants to free it?
    (7) What movie is about Tom Hanks and a dog that try to solve a murder?
    (8) What movie is about a real life horse that was too small with a jockey that was too big?
    (9) What is the name of the character in "The Wizard of Oz" that wanted to take Toto while in Kansas?
    (10) Why did they have to shoot Old Yeller at the end?


    (1) What is the team that Charlie Sheen is on when he is Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn?
    (2) What is the last name of the brothers in the movie "Slap Shot"?
    (3) What is Madonna's charater's full name (nickname included) in "A League of Their Own"?
    (4) What is Rocky's manager/trainer's first name?
    (5) What movie is about the FIRST Notre Damn football player carried off the field? (I yelled shenangins, i think she meant LAST football player carried off. Either way, it's "Rudy")
    (6) In "Field of Dreams", what ballpark do Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones go to find "Moonlight" Grahme? (I yelled shenangins at this one too: They went to this place and LEARNED about him, they had to go to Minnesota to find out he already died almost 15 years ago. They on the way back to Iowa, they pick him up as a young guy and bring him to the Field of Dreams.)
    (7) What basketball movie is Gene Hackman the coach?
    (8) What movie is about an injured hockey player that becomes a figure skater?
    (9) What is the name of the country club in "Caddyshack"?
    (10) What is the name of the bad guys' dojo in "The Karate Kid"? This was actually bonus question number 11, i'm blanking on one of the sports questions.

    The last sports question was What is the name of the actor that is the head coach in "The Mighty Ducks"?
    --END OF EDIT--


    Before the questions, i wanted to point out that at the 99, there's a team called "The Sex Panthers" and they are really good. If we're 1, they're 2, and when they're 1, we're 2. They were in 2nd but really close through the first two rounds, but when they announced Classic Disney movies for the final round, they shouted, "We're screwed, we don't have any girls with us to help!" That is why we called up Christa, for the girlie questions.

    (1) Merlin is the wizard in "The Sword in the Stone", what is the name of his pet owl? (The entire 99 trivia people moaned, "Who the hell is going to know that?" someone yelled. I was writing down the correct answer.
    (2) What are the name of the three fairies in "Sleeping Beauty"?
    (3) What animal is Little John is "Robin Hood"? (I laughed so hard at that. I must have seen that movie a thousand times.)
    (4) What movie has the song "Bippity, Boppity, Boo"?
    (5) What is the name of Ariel's crabby friend in "The Little Mermaid"?
    (6) What was Disney's first princess?
    (7) What movies are the character Pongo and Perdita in?
    (8) What type of dog is "Lady" from "Lady and the Tramp"?
    (9) What are the two things you need to fly in "Peter Pan"?

    Sorry, i blanked on another question, but we would have gotten that right.

    That final Disney question was this: What home appliance is Lumiere in "Beauty and the Beast"? Christa helped in this one, in terms of technical description. We would have been right either way, Jess is cool like that. Also, i can't believe i was able to remember all the questions.
    --END OF EDIT--

    We won big time. Only in the Disney Classics did we not win flat out. Some young girl (she was older than 21, but looked like she was 14) knew her Disney movies, and scored a 9.5 in that round. We got an 8. Our grand prize, which was only one, given to the overall points winner, and not to three different teams who each wound a round, was a $25 gift card to the 99. No more pairs of $75 ski passes to a place called Waterville something. Jess did announce that starting on April 11th, the prizes will be Red Sox tickets. So, next month, i'm going to some Red Sox games.


    I Hate, HATE, REALLY FUCKING HATE this cat!

    Justi has a cat named Raffi. It sucks. It meows all the goddamn time. Whether you feed it or not, it meows. It scratches on my door in the morning. When i'm just sitting there watcing TV, the little bastard will come by and just claw at or try to bite my feet. My socks aren't made of kevlar material, so this shit hurts.

    That cat's new thing is trying to pull off the perfect murder-suicide. Basically, i'm trying to walk down the stairs. While walking DOWN these stairs, the cat finds the perfect time to run right by my side, and i almost crush the cat with my foot, which would cause me to kill the cat with all my weight, (which i would love) but also cause me to fall and break my neck, which would kill me. The perfect murder-suicide, although because i'm killing the cat first, and this is all due to the cat, it would more likely be described as a suicide-murder, but that would be for the asshole of PETA to decide.

    Either way, Fuck this cat, he totally sucks. My hatred of animals continue. And of course, i get shit by people telling me, "Oh, you're just joking. You really love the cat." No, i fucking don't. Look how much i wrote about trivia night at the 99. That i love. The fucking cat is going to kill me, but perhaps i'll be forced to kill it first. I fucking HATE this cat. If something were to happen to me, assume this piece of shit cat did it, and kill it for the good of humanity.

    Brian's Big Thought of the Day:

    I think the expression "You've lost your marbles" to describe someone as crazy is so perfetly genuis. What psychopath even has marbles in the first place? They make a big deal about having marbles, their precious marbles, all round and shinny. Then, they lose them. Every single marble. Even their shooter. They lost their marbles, and they just go bat shit insane. "Where the fuck are my marbles!?! I'll kill every motherfucking last one of you if i don't get my marbles back!" That had to happen the first time someone lost their marbles and ended up killing all those people back in 1912, right?
    Sunday, March 3rd, 2013
    6:38 am
    Answers to 99 Trivia, Oscar Picks Recap, and a trip to Fun World
    99 Restaurant Trivia Recap:

    I want to begin by saying what a good sport my mom is in participating in my last entry about the 99 Restaurant Team Trivia night. She was the only person who went into the comments section and posted her answers to the questions. After i've said how great she did in participating, now i get to say she only would have scored maybe 5-6 points. Here are the full Q's and all their A's:

    (1) What 4 items are used to make a "Grape Crush" cocktail?
    --Vodka, Chamboard, Lemon Lime Soda, ice. We got about half of that at the 99, they gave us about half a point i felt.

    (2) What was the first sport televised?
    --Baseball, we got that one.

    (3) What year did Fenway Park go all green on the green monster?
    --1947. We guessed 1945, but they gave credit if you were off a year. We were so close.

    (4) What did they add to the green monster starting in 2003?
    --The Green Monster Seats. We got this, really surprised mom didn't.

    (5) What three movies won 11 Oscars? (three points if you name them all)
    --Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Titanic, and Ben-Hur. We (well, i did) nailed these for the full 3 points. It seems people could remember Titanic only.

    (6) What person has won the most Oscars?
    --Walt Disney. Mildly trick question, because he's produced so many shorts that wow best Animated Short or best Documentary, short subject. He has 22 Oscars and 4 honorary ones. We got this, mom could only think of Meryl Streep, who as an actor, has been nominated the most.

    (7) What is the name of the actress that played Ferris Bueller's sister?
    --Jennifer Grey. Didn't know "Baby's" real name last week, but i know the real actress. We got that.

    (8) Who wrote "Where the Wild Things Are"?
    --Maurice Sendack, we got that one too.

    (9) What item prevents Worcestshire sauce from being vegatarian?
    --Anchovies. It was at this part, Justi took the answer sheet from me and proudly wrote down "Sardines!" and i said you sure seem confident. She told me, "Remeber about a month ago, they gave us the ingrediants to Worcestshire sauce, and sardines was in it." I thought for a second, and said, "Oh yeah, but i thought it was anchovies, not sardines." We decided to play it safe and wrote Sardines/Anchovies.

    (10) What folk singer was 6 months pregnant when she performed at Woodstock?
    --Joan Baez. We blanked on this, and wrote down Janis Joplin. Over the phone, i asked mom this question because she had only answered the first 9. She didn't know and gave the same wrong answer.

    At the 99, they credited us with 9 points, but because it was the third and final round, they don't give us back our answer sheets. We can only assume they gave us partial credit for the Grape Crush and the Sardines/Anchovies guess on the Worcestshire sauce questions.

    Even though we won again (third time winning in 5 apperances) i'm still mad at myself for the year of the Green Monster. Should have changed it to 1946, the next baseball season after the end of World War II. That would have been more logical, and we would have scored an extra point.


    My Oscar Picks and Wishes:

    Best Actor:
    Should Win--Bradley Cooper for Silver Linings Playbook
    Will Win--Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln
    Results--Daniel Day-Lewis became the first person to win Best Actor 3 times.

    Best Actress:
    Should Win--Naomi Watts for The Impossible
    Will Win--Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook
    Results--Jennifer Lawrence literally fell over herself trying to get upstage to win her Oscar.

    Best Supporting Actor:
    Should Win--Christoph Waltz for Django Unchained
    Will Win--Tommy Lee Jones for Lincoln
    Results--Christoph Waltz does it again. Got it wrong, but my dream choice won. That's always a win.

    Best Supporting Actress:
    Should Win--Helen Hunt for The Sessions (yeah, didn't see it, i still think she should win)
    Will Win--Anne Hathaway for Les Misérables
    Results--Biggest lock of the night happened, Anne Hathaway wins her first Oscar.

    Best Director:
    Should Win--Ang Lee for Life of Pi
    Will Win--Steven Spielberg for Lincoln
    Results--Ang Lee wins it for the 2nd time. I was wrong but happy my dream choice won.

    Best Original Screenplay:
    Should Win--Quentin Tarantino for Django Unchained
    Will Win--Quentin Tarantino for Django Unchained
    Results--Tarantino wins his 2nd Oscar for screenplay (Pulp Fiction was his first)

    Best Adapted Screenplay:
    Should Win--David Magee for Life of Pi
    Will Win--Chris Terrio for Argo
    Results--Argo wins one of its two major awards.

    My other quick picks before the Best Picture.

    Best Animated Feature Film of the Year
    Should Win--Wreck-It Ralph
    Will Win--Brave
    Results--Brave wins, way to go Pixar, but really, Wreck-It Ralph was so much better.

    Best Foreign Language Film of the Year
    Will Win--Amour
    Results--Amour won. No shit, only foreign film nominated for Best Picture, it has to win.

    Best Achievement in Cinematography
    Should and Will Win--Life of Pi
    Results--Life of Pi did win. It's always great when the best visual film wins best Cinematography.

    Best Achievement in Editing
    Should Win--Life of Pi
    Will Win--Argo
    Results--Argo won. It only won 3 Oscars, i predicted all three.

    Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song
    Should Win--Skyfall
    Will Win--Les Miserables
    Results--Adele won for Skyfall. With all the bullshit about 50 years of 007, i should have known better. I got too scared of the shitty movies of Lincoln and Les Mis, i predicted those to win when i knew they didn't deserve to win anything.

    Best Short Film, Animated
    Should and hopefully will Win--The Simpsons: The Longest Daycare
    Results--Paperman won, but still, it was nice that "The Simpsons" were at least nominated.

    Finally, last award, Best Picture:

    Should Win--Django Unchained
    Will Win--Argo
    Results--Argo wins it's third and final Oscar of the night. Ben Affleck, or, as he'll now be known, Two-Time Oscar Winner (but not for acting) Ben Affleck wins and gets to do a speech at the end. Local boy makes really good. Shame he didn't get nominated for directing though.

    Overall, i went 10 for 13 in who i thought was going to win, which is pretty good. On actual Oscar night, me and Mike watched the first hour or so together, and he was blown away about how i was predicting everything from the minor catergories, like best Hair and Makeup for the dirty people of Les Mis, and best costume to the rich people of Anna Kareninia.

    I thought Seth McFarlaine was a good host, i liked his more dirty form of comedy, and the "We Saw Your Boobs" song was not sexist, it was 100% accurate.

    My one hatred of the Oscars this year was of course the goddamn musical numbers. I learned that the guys who produced this years Oscars were the actual producers of the movie "Chicago", so ten years later, we get a musical number from "Chicago" that eats up 5 minutes. Also, from "Dreamgirls", and "Les Mis", plus two James Bond song, and then Barbara Streisand shows up at the END of the In Memorian segment to sign. Bitch, you could have sang along to the pictures of dead people and ended at the same time.

    Kill all the musical numbers, save about thirty minutes. Don't write bits for people who appear in comedy movies, unless they're people who have been on Saturday Night Live. (I'm looking at the dipshits from The Avengers and that Paul Rudd-Melissa McCarthy bit that just sucked). Hand out the honorary award at the show, and prerecord the bullshit stuff, like visual effects, sound editing, sound mixing and short documentary.

    These are the simple fixes the Oscar people must do. Also, i'm sick of every other year proclaiming it's the year of the musical. Fuck that. Every year there are more horror movies released, the never win, and they're never mentioned. Same with comedies. But a fucking musical about the french revolution, we need to rewrite an entire fucking award show to mention all their greatness.


    A trip to Fun World

    Yesterday afternoon, Me, Mike and Marley drove out to Nashua New Hampshire to check out Fun World. We have gone the last three years when Mike's work has their family christmas party there. It's just a day away from the house to play some games, let the kid play in a ball pit, eat some very mediocre pizza, and try our luck at skill games that reward us with tickets.

    In the end, over $80 was spent on tokens, foods, ride passes and for that, we had won 4600 in tickets, used to get a working gumball machine/bank that had came with gum. We also got some smaller prizes. Marley is at that annoying age where she won't say what she wants. It's very frustrating. We know she's hungry, she just won't tell us what she wants to eat. And we bring her to the prize area, and tell her to look aronud and pick out something, and she doesn't want anything. It's now spread to just watching tv, where she proclaims she doesn't want to watch anything. "Fine, close your eyes and nap, we're watching this Bruins game."

    It was fun though. Got to win at the small bowling game they have, put up a high score in the football game, we broke a kiddie game, me and mike both hit jackpots on a ticket prize machine (instert token, hit stop when the light is on jackpot game). Eventually Laurie, Mike Dery, and his kid Parker joined us. It was surprising how crazy crowded the place was, and it's not like there was 8 birthday parties happening at once. Lots of people just had the same idea, but as the name of the place suggest, we all had fun.

    As we drove away, we listened to the final minute of the Bruins win, and got pizza for dinner. A very complete day.


    That should do it for me. I got zero movie prospects to watch, nothing new in theaters looks good. I need to eventual do my taxes, and i remain very poor due to my shitty health. Been sick this past week has cost me several hours at work, and i just got half of my emergency room bill for my ankle from a few weeks ago. Things are very bleak on my end, thanks for reading about the happier stuff.

    Brian's Big Thought of the Day:

    If i ever got a chance to host the Oscars, i'd do a montage of the year in movies, and start handing out awards so people could have plenty of time to thank whoever. The show would last two hours only, and people would fucking love it.
    Thursday, February 28th, 2013
    10:55 pm
    99 Restaurant Trivia Night
    Team Andrews sucked in rounds 1 and round 2. Then we got hit with these questions in round 3.

    (1) What 4 items are used to make a "Grape Crush" cocktail?
    (2) What was the first sport televised?
    (3) What year did Fenway Park go all green on the green monster?
    (4) What did they add to the green monster starting in 2003?
    (5) What three movies won 11 Oscars? (three points if you name them all)
    (6) What person has won the most Oscars?
    (7) What is the name of the actress that played Ferris Bueller's sister?
    (8) Who wrote "Where the Wild Things Are"?
    (9) What item prevents Worcestshire sauce from being vegatarian?

    There was a tenth question, but i am totally blanking on it.

    (EDITED ON 3-1-13)

    The tenth question was What folk singer was 6 months pregnant when she performed at Woodstock?
    We didn't get that one correct. Try to get 9 points or more to beat us, or 6 points or more to beat my mom.


    I'd love for whoever reads this to answer these questions, without the aid of the computer that you are using, in the comments. These where the questions we were given, and Team Andrews (Me, Mike and Justi) totally kicked ass and won this round. I'm curious if anyone would have aced these questions like we did.

    I'll have all the answers posted in a couple of days, along with my post Oscars entry about how well my picks went and how happy i am that "Lincoln" didn't win any of the major awards.

    Brian's Big Thought of the Day:

    I think i'm finally over my cold, but my voice still sounds horrible.
    Saturday, February 23rd, 2013
    4:48 pm
    My 8th Annual Oscars Picks and Wishes, 2013 edition for the 2012 movies
    It will be this Sunday night that they will televise the Oscars. Once again, i did my job as a movie geek, and saw all 9 (NINE!) Best Picture nominees. Here's how it will go, i'll say an Oscar catergory, who's nominated, how many i saw, then, who i think SHOULD win, and who i think WILL win. This is just for fun, but next Monday, i can recap and see how good i really am.

    Of the 24 different Oscar catergories, i only deal with the serious 8 catergories (4 acting, 2 writing, best director, best picture). Who cares about best sound mixing, or makeup, best costume, or best documentary--short subject? But i'll also throw in a couple guesses for fun. But i always keep the best picture pick and wish for the very end. So, lets knock this out.

    Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
    Bradley Cooper for Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

    Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln (2012)

    Hugh Jackman for Les Misérables (2012)

    Joaquin Phoenix for The Master (2012)

    Denzel Washington for Flight (2012/I)

    Only saw 3 of the 5 movies, never got around to seeing either "Flight" or "The Master"

    Should Win--Bradley Cooper for Silver Linings Playbook
    Will Win--Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln
    It's the very first catergory, and this is really a tough one to nail down. Of the three performances I saw, none were truely amazing. Come to think of it, there was no leading actor that had such an amazing perfomance that i can recall for all of last year. Once again, another bad year for movies, and I just think they'll give it to who is now considered the greatest actor for right now, and it would be Daniel Day-Lewis for his role as everyone's favorite president. Also note, good things happen to him when he wears an old-timey hat (Gangs of New York, There Will Be Blood, and now Lincoln).

    Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
    Jessica Chastain for Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

    Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

    Emmanuelle Riva for Amour (2012)

    Quvenzhané Wallis for Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)

    Naomi Watts for The Impossible (2012)

    Saw all 5 performances

    Should Win--Naomi Watts for The Impossible
    Will Win--Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook

    I really, really loved what Naomi Watts did in "The Impossible", and no bullshit, it was the best acting job i saw all of last year. But it just won't go to her. I really think this will be given to Jennifer Lawrence who should have already won an Oscar for Best Actress when she did "Winter's Bone". She's a great actress, and if she get's rewarded now for a movie she did a few years ago, that's fine by me. I will say, two catergories in, none of these are locks. Shit, every actress could easily win the award, except ironically Naomi Watts. I can see the oldest woman ever (Riva for Amour) or the youngest ever (Wallis for Beasts) winning the Oscar, but most likely a toss up between Chastain and Lawrence, they are safer bets. Still, here's hoping they announce Naomi Watts as the winner.

    Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
    Alan Arkin for Argo (2012)

    Robert De Niro for Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

    Philip Seymour Hoffman for The Master (2012)

    Tommy Lee Jones for Lincoln (2012)

    Christoph Waltz for Django Unchained (2012)

    Saw 4 of the 5

    Should Win--Christoph Waltz for Django Unchained
    Will Win--Tommy Lee Jones for Lincoln

    One of those annoying Oscars "Did you know..." is that for the first time ever, everyone in this catergory has already won an Oscar before. Waltz was so fucking great in "Django" and it remains my favorite movie of the year. But those old ass Oscar voters (some who probably did vote for the real Lincoln) will get to relive their youth voting for the piece of shit movie "Lincoln" throughout the night. It's a shame, Waltz was the best part of Django and kept the whole movie going, dealing with the difficulties of a Tarantino script. Any asshole could have played the role that Tommy Lee Jones did. In fact, all the nominees could have. But only Waltz could have done his role.

    Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
    Amy Adams for The Master (2012)

    Sally Field for Lincoln (2012)

    Anne Hathaway for Les Misérables (2012)

    Helen Hunt for The Sessions (2012)

    Jacki Weaver for Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

    Saw 3 of the 5 perfomances, really annoyed i never saw "The Sessions"

    Should Win--Helen Hunt for The Sessions (yeah, didn't see it, i still think she should win)
    Will Win--Anne Hathaway for Les Misérables

    This is the biggest Oscar lock of the night. It will go to Anne Hathaway. She sings, she cuts her hair off, she gets dirty even though she's so beautiful, and she plays a whore which is total Oscar gold. Also, she's now old enough that she's due to win an Oscar.

    Best Achievement in Directing
    Michael Haneke for Amour (2012)

    Ang Lee for Life of Pi (2012)

    David O. Russell for Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

    Steven Spielberg for Lincoln (2012)

    Benh Zeitlin for Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)

    Saw all 5

    Should Win--Ang Lee for Life of Pi
    Will Win--Steven Spielberg for Lincoln

    The movie "Argo" has been winning everywhere, and for the Oscars, Ben Affleck didn't even get nominated for best director. How screwed up is that? The DIRECTORS GUILD OF AMERICA just gave BEST DIRECTOR to him, but the man can't get a nominee for the Oscars. Pitiful. I just have this horrible feeling that "Lincoln" is going to come away with like 5 Oscars, and one will be for Best Director in Spielberg, who probably should have more Oscars, but for other movies (Jaws, ET, Raiders of the Lost Ark, i'm just saying)

    Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen (Best Original Screenplay)
    Amour (2012): Michael Haneke

    Django Unchained (2012): Quentin Tarantino

    Flight (2012/I): John Gatins

    Moonrise Kingdom (2012): Wes Anderson, Roman Coppola

    Zero Dark Thirty (2012): Mark Boal

    Saw 4 of the 5

    Should Win--Quentin Tarantino for Django Unchained
    Will Win--Quentin Tarantino for Django Unchained

    Like with Affleck, it's a fucking joke that Tarantino doesn't get nominated for best director, even though he's making these amazing movies that have such grandiose ideas, images, and directions. He is a master story teller, and he should get an Oscar the reflects that. How the fuck did that guy that wrote "Amour" got in this confuses the hell out of me. So little talking in that movie. Would not mind if "Moonrise Kingdom" won because for until i saw "Life of Pi" it was the best movie of the year solely on that screenplay.

    Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published (Best Adapted Screenplay)
    Argo (2012): Chris Terrio

    Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012): Lucy Alibar, Benh Zeitlin

    Life of Pi (2012): David Magee

    Lincoln (2012): Tony Kushner

    Silver Linings Playbook (2012): David O. Russell

    Saw all 5

    Should Win--David Magee for Life of Pi
    Will Win--Chris Terrio for Argo

    Everyone told me that the book "Life of Pi" would be an impossible book to turn into a movie. Well, they did it. Sure beats the shit out of old stories told by Lincoln. "Argo" has just been winning all the major awards, and i think the movie people will award a screenplay to a story about how the movie industry saved a bunch of peoples lives. "Argo" needs to win some major awards, or it's going to be an all "Lincoln" night, and that would suck because at least i liked "Argo" enough to happily watch it again when it's on TV. "Lincoln" won't get a stop unless it's the absolute beginning of the movie.

    Now that i've covered 7 of the 8 big catergories, here are some guesses on other categories:

    Best Animated Feature Film of the Year
    Should Win--Wreck-It Ralph
    Will Win--Brave

    Best Foreign Language Film of the Year
    Will Win--Amour
    This is such a lock, that you have to bet $5,000 to win $100 if you bet on this movie to win.

    Best Achievement in Cinematography
    Should and Will Win--Life of Pi

    Best Achievement in Editing
    Should Win--Life of Pi
    Will Win--Argo

    Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song
    Should Win--Skyfall
    Will Win--Les Miserables

    Best Short Film, Animated
    Should and hopefully will Win--The Simpsons: The Longest Daycare

    OK, now for the final award of the night...

    Best Motion Picture of the Year
    Amour (2012): Margaret Ménégoz, Stefan Arndt, Veit Heiduschka, Michael Katz

    Argo (2012): Grant Heslov, Ben Affleck, George Clooney

    Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012): Dan Janvey, Josh Penn, Michael Gottwald

    Django Unchained (2012): Stacey Sher, Reginald Hudlin, Pilar Savone

    Les Misérables (2012): Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Debra Hayward, Cameron Mackintosh

    Life of Pi (2012): Gil Netter, Ang Lee, David Womark

    Lincoln (2012): Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy

    Silver Linings Playbook (2012): Donna Gigliotti, Bruce Cohen, Jonathan Gordon

    Zero Dark Thirty (2012): Mark Boal, Kathryn Bigelow, Megan Ellison

    Finally saw them all as of this past Wednesday

    Should Win--Django Unchained
    Will Win--Argo

    The new system of having at least 5 movies nominated for Best picture, but as many as 10 movies nominated baffles the hell out of me. Of these 9 movies, Django and Life of Pi are actual 4 star movies. There was no love at all for the only other 4 star movie i saw this year, "The Impossible". The other 7 movies, I'd allow Silver Linings Playbook (3 1/2 stars), Argo (3 1/2 stars), and Zero Dark Thirty (3 stars) to be in there. Les Misérables remains the worst movie of the year. After that you have the stinker that is Lincoln, and then old person slowly dying bullshit that is Amour. Beasts of the Southern Wild, it's overrated, and i hate the theme that these people are fighting so hard to stay in their shithole of a home that might have improved after Hurrican Katrina.

    Argo has been winning a bunch of awards. SAG, Golden Globe, WGA, DGA, that it makes since that it would take home the big award. It's just a shame that the Oscar voters are so fucking old, that Lincoln really does have a great chance of sweeping everything it's nominated in. I just don't feel well. I think a lot of awards will be handed out to bad movies.

    My only locks are Amour for Best Foreign Film, and Anne Hathaway wins Best Supporting Actress.

    So, there you have it, my Oscar picks. Everyone should watch and enjoy the Academy Awards this Sunday Night. Hopefully only the good movies win, and on Monday, i'll do a recap to see how i did. And now, i will let anyone comment to say how right or how completly wrong i am with my picks and wishes. Everyone should have a say in what they think are the best movies of the year, and i'm always up for a good debate.

    Brian's Big Thought of the Day:

    If "The Simpsons" win best Animated Short, that will be my favorite Oscar moment ever.
    Wednesday, February 20th, 2013
    10:08 pm
    7th movie of 2013 "Amour" **
    I'll make this short and sweet. "Amour" is a French film that i only saw because it was nominated for Best Picture. This was my final movie left to see, and it took this long just for a theater to finally show this movie near me, which still meant driving down to Worcester.

    The movie begins with the fire department finding a dead woman. She's not burned or anything, she's just lying on her bed, dead for quite some dead. Then we go back in time when this old woman, named Anne, was alive and with her husband. They love classical piano music, and love each other. One day, Anne just blacks out.

    This is what the movie is going to be about, this old woman's slow decline into old person death. She's slow, then unable to move certain body parts, then stroked up to lose her entire right side of her body, and on and on.

    This entire movie is watching the ticking death clock on this woman as her husband does everything he can to make her comfortable but unable to do much. There will be no miracle cure. We know going in, she's going to die. "Amour" is just a long, drawn-out snuff film, but made worse because it's a French film and we have to read subtitles. I really expected a little bit more, because this director made the great and rarely seen movie, "Cache", which is also a French film, but really fucking good. If you ever get the chance to watch it, do it.

    I will not recommand this movie. It just depressed me, and there is zero action at all. Not that i need an action packed movie about two old french people, but i mean, most scenes are of them sitting down and reading or sitting down and listening to classic music.

    Not the worst movie that got nominated for Best Picture, that still goes to "Les Miserables", but i'm going into detail about the Oscars sometime tomorrow or on Friday.

    I was going to write about my entire Atlantic City trip, but that is also depressing, and i don't want to really relive those memories. Mike is back from Florida, while Justi and Christa (quick thing about Christa. She knew the real name of "Baby" in the movie "Dirty Dancing", which was asked in the 99 trivia night last week. Congrats Christa!) have flown down to take his place. Me, i'm officially in debt and can barely afford to go up to FunSpot this weekend with Paul and Christie.

    Brian's Big Thought of the Day:

    I really want to write about something good pretty soon. Hopefully this Sunday the Oscars won't pick a piece of shit movie to win a big prize.
    Monday, February 11th, 2013
    8:52 pm
    Back from Atlantic City...
    And I don't want to talk about it. Good times by everyone but me, who just returned as the biggest loser. But on the bright side, John finally paid me off for the 2012 NFL season, and i can now say i've been in New York and New Jersey.

    Fun road trip, but really, i lost a shitload that i'm too uncomfortable talking about in public, and i just wished i never sat down at a single fucking slot machine. I know i have a problem.

    Not returning to a casino again until April to see Jim Jefferies perform standup at Foxwoods.

    Bad memories, going to bad.

    Brian's Big Thought of the Day:

    I think one of the reasons i didn't sleep well is because everytime i close my eyes, i'm losing more money.

    Current Mood: restless
    Friday, February 1st, 2013
    7:02 pm
    6th movie of 2013, "Les Misérables" zero stars, Team Trivia at the 99 Restaurant, 3 1/2 stars
    I have to assume Les Misérables is french for fucking terrible movie. Goddamn did i hate this movie. I hate all the asshole theater going dicks who praise this shit for entertainment that did not entertain me at all for the entire 158 minutes this thing dragged on for. But, it was nominated for Best Picture for the Oscars, so i had to see it. Had to be open minded. As always, whenever i'm about to see a movie, i go in with a very open mind. I have to. In fact, the act of going to the movies always puts me in a happy mood. I got my popcorn, i'm in a comfortable and reclined chair. I get to see trailers for new movies that might be good. All of this leads up to what i hope is an amazing movie that is worth my time and money. Just being at the movies, i automatically give the movie 3-stars, and from that point forward, it can go above my expectations of entertainment and reach the greatness that is 4-stars, or shit all over the screen and numb my skull for such a long time that when it's all over, it gets nothing. This movie, this gigantic clogged toilet of crap at a mexican restaurant after the lunchtime buffett, gets zero stars.

    I'm sure some are wondering if i just hate all musicals. Well, no, i don't hate all musicals. If a movie is great, no matter the genre, i can appreciate the greatness. In fact, some of my favorite movies of all time are musicals, like the South Park Movie, or "Team America: World Police", "The Blues Brothers", "Once", "Pink Floyd's The Wall", and for the more classical examples, i really do love "Singin' in the Rain" and "Yankee Doodle Dandy". Not to mention, all the kids movies that are musicals, from "Wizard of Oz" or "Willy Wonka" and the countless Disney movies that are musicals. Those were all fine movies. What they all have in common though is a little bit of plot (well, not "The Wall", that's just a messed up movie with a great soundtrack) that is done during the parts of the movie that aren't musical numbers. Les Misérables did not have that, it was a fucking opera from start to finish. I was unaware of that, and it drove me crazy.

    The opening shot of this movie, a bullshit CGI zoom-in of a CGI ship that's being pulled forward by a bunch of slaves, who are singing. Right away, the movie begins with crappy CGI that i hate, and a song, because of course, there's nothing like working all day for no pay that makes you want to sing in unison, with specific slaves getting their own solo throughout the song. Fine, stupid song is over, the boat has been moved, time to get to dialogue, right? Nope. We don't actually see the act of crime that Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman) commits that somehow makes him a slave/prisoner for 20 years. It's his last day, and the prison guard, Javert (Russell Crowe, who i think sings like shit) reminds Valjean that he'll always just be prisoner 24601. Once again, this information is all brought up by the only communication available to the French in 1800s, SINGING!!!

    I'll speed up the plots of the story and possibly spoiler everything so you people never have to see this. Valjean decides to clean up his act, but only after stealing from a priest who allows him to steal and that gives Valjean new hope. Time passes, Valjean is rich and using a fake name, because he can't be Valjean the prisoner anymore. The job he works for has Anne Hathaway, but she had a child and the father left, so she's a dirty whore. She loses her job, and whore it up after cutting her hair. She get's raped, she sings. Fucking whacko, i know. Valjean saves her, and promises to save Hathaways kid. Her kid is named Cosette or something, and is the dirty girl on the cover of the poster. She has dickhead guardians that rob people and treat her like a slave. Valjean rescues her, time passes. Now it's the viva la french, overthrow the rich and clean people time of the movie, mostly starring British people now. Pretty sure not a single french accent was used in this movie. Valjean helps the french, people die, love triangle, shitty Oliver Twist kid gets killed, Javert comes back, Valjean could kill him, but doesn't, Javert is so mentally fucked up, he kills himself over this act of kindness. Cosette has a nice marriage to the only french revolutionary guy that didn't die (once again, because Valjean saves him) and Valjean dies.


    The actual story of Les Misérables has been done so many times before, that i'm wondering why the hell does it have to be a musical in the first place. It sucks as a musical. The songs aren't fun (ohh, that's why its called Les Misérables) and the director decided that for every song, a giant zoom of the singers face. Thats all i need, a bald Anne Hathaway crying and singing about dreaming another dream while her alien like head takes up 85% of the screen.

    I went alone, but the theater was not empty. About 8 women (i was the only guy) bought tickets, and i was baffled that they were actually crying and feeling emotions through this thing. I was looking at my watch and wondering what i should get for dinner when this movie finally ends.

    One scene i did enjoy was when the little British boy, who was so fucking like Oliver Twist he might as well have said, "Ello Govner! Got smore soup?" when he first showed up on screen. He eventually gets shot. I liked that a lot. Really wanted someone to shot that fucker soon. Mostly after his first song. God did i hate him. So, he dies, and i laugh and smile, trying my best to find some silver lining in this movie. The chicks who would be on their period if they hadn't hit menopause during the Nixon years, they all gasped in shock when the bullet ripped through that boys unsinging body.

    This was just a bad movie. I can't take an opera seriously. What the hell would people want that in this day in age? Go back 200 years ago, fine, i understand. When a bad cough might kill you before you hit 30, might as well treat everyday like a musical. I think the only lesson to be learned is that the French fucking suck and they should take a shower every once in a while. Fuck the French, Fuck Les Misérables.


    Thursday night they do team trivia at the 99 restaurant, and wanted to go again. First time we went, it was Me, Mike, Justi, and Mike's lady friend Leslie. We did well enough that we won a prize. Second time, it was just Me, Mike and Justi. We did well, but not enough to win. Yesterday was our third time going. I don't remember that many of the questions (but here's one: "What is the longest running game show?" I'll give the answer later on in the entry.) but i was happy that they were all random questions. Last time, it was broken down in a unique catergory, and if you didn't know, you were screwed. If you did know, easiest thing ever. This time though, under new restaurant rules, only 3 teams would win a prize, and only the top score of the round got the prize. If there was a tie, there would be a tie-breaker.

    We got to this thing very early to make sure we'd get a seat at the bar. It was kinda stupid getting there at 6:00pm seeing as how the trivia doesn't even begin until 7:30pm. No biggie, i just drink my Mango Iced Tea (comes with free refills) while the others can drink their beers. At 7:00pm, Bruins game is on, i'm enjoying my drink, having popcorn and cheese & crackers, and enjoying myself. I order a fried shrimp plate with fries and enjoy my meal, getting ready to take on whoever will challange us in team trivia.

    One thing we must put thought into is the team name. First time out, we went with the very generic "Team Andrews". Very boring, but good enough to win. Second time out, we went with Team Fat, Divorced and Unemployed (Justi had just lost her job that day). Very fun and creative, but it was too dark of a name. This time, we wanted to go with Team Me So Horny, but that chick running the team trivia would not allow it. So, Mike made the suggestion, "Change it to Team Can I Have Your Number". We did. Later on, we changed it to "Team Can I have your number, please?" to "Team Can I have your number, please? (my brother really likes you)" Very positive message to send out.

    First round came and went. Nothing really clicked, we only got 5 questions right. The second round, we were pretty damn positive about our score. I felt unsure about 2 questions, that was it. 8 others, i was feeling great about. We got back a score of 7 1/2. Turns out the first people credited with making jeans were Jackson and Levi Straus. The shitty part was one of the questions was about the longest running game show. Me and Mike thought one way, Justi the other. We went with me and Mike's choice. Justi's answer would have been correct. We lost a point on that won. Also, I always thought Levi and Strauss were two seperate people. That tied us for high score of that round, and we had to do a tie breaker, which, if we listened to Justi, this would not have happened. Using the back of our answer sheets, we had to list as many of the 13 Michael Jackson #1 hits on the Billboard. In only one minute.

    I flipped it over and started writing. Thriller... Bad... Beat It... Billy Jean... Black & White... Man in the Mirror... Ben... "Wait, what the hell is Ben?" Mike asked. "It's a song he wrote when he was a kid and had a pet rat" "That's crazy" said Justi. I had to remind her of the owning a monkey named bubbles and the molesting of all those boys. Having a pet rat named Ben was Michael Jackson at his most sane. ABC, easy as 1 2 3... "There's got to be more, right...?" i asked. Mike and Justi helped a bit, but we just didn't know that many songs. When it was over and we handed our paper in, some guy asked if we got Smooth Criminal. Of course, that is like Jackson's best song, totally didn't think about it. "With listing six songs correctly, that winners are Team Can I Have Your Number Please, My Brother Really Likes You!" It got a good laugh, and me, Mike and Justi high-fived as we won our first round ever and won ourselves some ski passes.

    Third round happens. Now, if you win a round, you can't win anymore prizes. But we can easily shame these people if we repeat. Third round happens, if i'm 100% positive on 6 answers. Other 4, don't know. One i wasn't sure on was the amount of time it should take for someone to wash their hands. I said 20 seconds. It turns out, i was right.

    For the final round, they don't give you the papers back, they just reask the questions and give the answers. As she's going down the list, the 6 that i was 100% positive were correct really were. "And the winner of that round, with 4 answers correct, are 3 different teams who now must do a tiebreaker."

    "Wait, what? We got like 7 question correct"

    "Oh yeah." the cute waitress who is like a dark and sexy libririan says, "Team Can I Have Your Number Please, My Brother Really Likes You!" smoked you all with 7 correct answers, and they are the overall winners.

    "What do we win" Mike asks after sipping down the 5th of his giant beers of the night.

    "Give them your number!" the players at the 99 said back. We later learned that 867-5309 was not her number, and she had a boyfriend she lives with. We tried, we failed, we tipped her out at 20%.

    The night was over. I happily drove us home, knowing that even though we didn't listen to Justi, we won the tiebreaker. But if we did lose, we still would have won round 3. The answer for longest running game show, me and Mike thought it was Jeopardy, but Justi was correct, it was The Price is Right.

    We came home to see the final seconds of the Bruins first lost in regulation of the year. To my boy Emmy's team, the Buffalo Sabres. Bruins had a 3-1 lead at one point, yet somehow finished losing 7-4. Frustrating, but whatever, 40 games left in the season.

    That's gonna do it for me. I heard there's a big football game this weekend, so maybe i'll write about that. I have seen 8 of the 9 movies nominated for Best Picture, and if anyone knows where i can go to see "Amour" the only movie left, please tell me.

    Brian's Big Thought of the Day:

    I think i need to cool it with those Mango Iced Teas. Had to piss 5 times last night and didn't sleep until past 1am.
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